mother’s day in pictures


As you may have heard, the girls surprised me with a trip to the spa on Mother’s Day. Well, sort of. It was a trip to the Mama Spa, which, as it turns out is in my very own house and has the two cutest spa attendants I’ve ever seen. Well, unless you count Tomas, that tanned, strapping young massage therapist at that hotel in the islands .. oh, sorry, I digress.

My girls had thought of everything.

From the orange juice ‘cocktail’ …

To the eye cooler thingamajig

To the robe

To the candles (which Daddy helped light)

To the … um … ‘spa’ products?

To the ‘facial’ (no, I have no idea what the heck they’re actually doing, but I’m told it was a facial.)

Heck, this place was SO swanky, they even drank your drink FOR you! now THAT is service, folks.

The day at the spa was followed by a short scooter break, in full princess regalia.

As you do.

Note: somewhere in here, Katie went flying off of her scooter and ate the sidewalk, skinning her knee and fattening her lip in the process. Good times. Anyway, it’s not like we’d take a picture of all that, so you’ll just have to imagine a lot of tears, a fair amount of blood and a trip home to recuperate.

At which time Brooke took the opportunity to relax with Winston –

(cause all that scootering and relaxing at the spa was a little tiring.)

And finally, we all went out to dinner.

Brooke was spent and it was a little more than she could handle, but before hightailing it out of the restaurant, we did get this ludicrously self-indulgent picture. I kinda love it.


And there you have it – Mother’s Day chez Diary.

I hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day (if you can remember back that far, cause without these pictures, I’m pretty sure I’d have come up dry) and that no matter what your connection to or definition of motherhood may be, that you felt and feel celebrated and appreciated. You deserve no less.

As a matter of fact, I say we all take thirty seconds today – just thirty seconds – to create our own Mother’s Day. To stop for just those thirty seconds and celebrate all that we do and to remind ourselves how much it really matters.

For extra credit, we can find another mom who might need a little reminder of her own and let her know how much she’s appreciated.

Can you imagine how powerful that could be?

So what are you waiting for?


18 thoughts on “mother’s day in pictures

  1. Wow, I hope that last photograph is framed and displayed prominently on your wall – that has to be the best Mother’s Day gift of all!!

  2. Love it!!! It looks like a perfect Mother’s Day to me. What is better than getting “pampered” by your family. xoxo

  3. Such girly sweetness. And such precious memories for all three of you. The pic of you & Katie on the floor with Brooke sitting on you is priceless, love the energy it captures.

  4. LOVE the smile on your face during the facial, must have been a great one. Your post reminds me of my daughters favorite script (used at precisely the right moments) “see what I did there, it’s called lightening the mooooood”-Wizards of Waverly Place. and thanks for reminding me it was a great day.

  5. pahahaha, hilarious! love the facial!! my kids keep asking, “what??” as i burst out laughing. needed that, lol

  6. What an uplifting post! The progress in your family is so inspiring. I know it isn’t all fun and games but it wasn’t so long ago that Winston was hardly a “therapy dog!” Baby, look at him now!

  7. looks like you had a well-deserved (mostly) happy day! well, not the scooter accident…but everything else looked great 🙂 Nice to see the smiles.

  8. What darling children (and hubby) you have! I have no kids myself; I’ve told you that; but I’m nearly in tears seeing how sweet yours are.

  9. What an adorable surprise! I can’t wait to have some munchkins of my own- if they’re half as cute as yours I’ll be a lucky lady. 😉

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