tornado warning


For those who may have missed it on Facebook:

NEWS FROM NEUROLOGIST – doc does not believe what we’re seeing is seizure activity – EEG clear, looks like a ‘motor tic consistent with autism’. Thank you for your love and your prayers. And to those whose news is different, my heart and my prayers remain with you.

More another day on the infuriatingly pompous doctor who came THISCLOSE to getting an earful of Jess letting loose on behalf of every mom who has ever had to face a guy who thinks his lab coat makes him God followed by a general rant on filling out reams of paperwork that no one ever reads. But I was up until midnight writing awards (and NOT writing my speech), so those particular rants will have to wait.

Last night, our family hunkered down in the basement of our home to ride out one of the many tornado warnings that were cascading along the Eastern Seaboard. We waited together, unnerved but determined not to panic, watching for news, not knowing for sure until it was over that we had never really been in any danger.

As we put the girls to bed, thunder growled loudly above our roof and lightening cracked open the sky again and again. The rain fell hard.

I felt powerless.

And small.

But momentarily safe.

The evening as metaphor was complete.

This morning, we as we wake up to an almost comically beautiful morning, I revel in the fact that this particular storm passed us by and send all of my love and my prayers to those who were not so lucky.



18 thoughts on “tornado warning

  1. Was thinking of your family last night. Glad to hear everyone is safe.

    Great new about about the EEG (not so much about the doctor)

    take care

  2. Valerie spoke for me and I clearly am not competing, cause well you I left grade school a long time ago and I am still going with the compassion thing-don’t ask how its going. Plus I like the words doctor and suck…..sometimes together.

  3. We have a pompous Neurologist too. We went to [a local hospital campus] instead of [the city] to try to avoid some of the popous attitude….but they are everywhere! The weather was scarey to say the least andI live in NH! The sky was blue and bright, but almost yellow like you were wearing sunglasses, but wern’t and it was 8:30pm. Then suddenly everything goes pitch black and the lightening started. I sat on the couch staching the path of the storm on the news nervously and praying for those in the 19 other communities that were struck. I’m glad to hear you and your family were uneffected. I’m also over joyed to hear the EEG came back okay.

    • I didn’t know we had a choice of pompous or non-pompous neuroligist. I thought they were all the latter. Lemme know if you find one who isn’t. :-/
      ANd yeah, I’m with Gayle, so happy for your relief with the EEEEEEEEEEEG.

  4. It was awful out there last night, wasn’t it? I stared at radar for hours, just waiting to grab a backpack I had already assembled just in case and my little guy and run for the basement. But I wanted to let him sleep until the last possible second, knowing that if we went to the basement, he would be a mess for weeks. Fortunately, as I watched, the storms dissipated as they approached, and we just got some nasty thunder.

    So sorry for those who got more than that…who get more than that on a daily basis, in fact.

    Glad to hear it’s not seizures, and can’t wait to hear more about jerk-doc.

  5. Glad to hear the good news Jess! Good luck with your speech and awards ceremony! In my thoughts and prayers as always!

  6. One of the things I really like about you is that you never lose sight of the community as a whole. You are fantastic. I am so glad that both tornadoes—the metaphorical and the real—passed your family by. Much love to all of you.

  7. It is, indeed, a beautiful day in the great Atlantic northeast!

    My heart goes out to all who have been hurt by the extreme weather throughout the country.

  8. tornadoes are scary! i live in southern louisiana, no basements here but tornadoes are common. you just have to sit and listen for the train and then hold on tight. :/ so very glad that your crew stayed safe. something about those storms up there feels wrong, glad you and yours are okay. 🙂

  9. We too are under going EEG testing with our son for seizures. Liam’s pediatrician also told us it was ‘just autistic behavior’. I have epilepsy, and grew up with all the testing. I took Liam to a neurologist in Springfield, MA, and we agreed with me, that it sounded more like seizures.
    His first EEG has come back clear, and we are waiting to have an MRI.
    I know how scary the past days were. I was in Springfield myself, just a quarter mile from where the tornado touched down on Main Street, seeing a doctor myself. (Seems if you live in Western Mass, all the good doctors are either in Springfield or Boston).

    I am glad you and your family are safe. Don’t give up on medical testing, if you believe in your heart that something is wrong.

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