dancing in the wind



Diary of a Mom’s Facebook Status – May 28 at 11:48am via Mobile Web:

PMS + Autism + Prepubescent Tween + Two Hour Car Ride = God Help Us All. Poor Luau.


Diary of a Mom’s Facebook status – May 28 at 12:09pm via Mobile Web:

Oh my God. The car air conditioner picked NOW to die. This might not end well.


Katie’s status after we’d opened all the windows to keep from melting in the 90 degree heat:

Mama, the wind is so loud! Mama, the vibration is hurting my ears! Mama, can we get off the highway? Maaaaaaamaaaaaaaa, this stinks!


Brooke’s status after we’d opened all the windows to keep from melting in the 90 degree heat:



The air conditioner dies and my kid dances in the wind.

Pretty much says it all.

Happy Friday, everyone. We made it.

21 thoughts on “dancing in the wind

  1. Love this !!!! Sometimes our Kiddos amaze us, just when we think their sensory problems are going to just go haywire and we prepare ourselves for some rocky waters they just sail right through .

  2. Sweet angel! I always think of your post from last summer when I open my sunroof. The one where you and Brooke were driving in the convertible and you asked her how the wind felt and she replied “soft”.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! You are such an encouragement to me!! I look forward to all your posts! You are sooo real and you don’t hold back and I LOVE THAT!! Thank you for all you do and for helping feel like I am not alone!!! {{{{HUGS}}}}

  4. SO MANY times I look at my child and wish I was able to know the joy she is feeling in those moments when it is undeniable – maybe it would make my baby’s painful moments easier for ME to bear? Maybe I would gain insight into easing that pain if I knew what truly gave HER peace and joy?

    Love this. Love you. Love your babies.

    Love that you make me stop and BE and listen to the wind and what power it can have.


  5. This is nothing short of perfect. The way that my little Jonas would respond to the wind that would tunnel between the buildings of our beachside townhouse in Cali was my salvation early on. For him, feeling the wind in his hair, blowing against his face, was a whole body experience of true and pure joy. To see my son’s body respond to positively to something in his environment gave me the hope that I so desperately needed during those early years. My son was flat, quiet, completely within himself during those first 18 months, but not while the wind was blowing. When the wind took its path, and lucky for us we were so close to the coast, Jonas awakened. So to me, this just tugs at my heart strings and reminds me that nature is powerful and full of hope for our kids. Thank you for sharing.

  6. This was the perfect way to end my day. Thank you, Brooke, for showing me your joy and making me feel the wind dancing around me. You are a gift, sweet girl. xo

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