Posted in July 2011

hope, meet reality

* @diaryofamom jess At the @autismspeaks #greaterbostonwalk kickoff. So inspired by the incredible people who come together to support our kids. 27 July * @diaryofamom jess Can’t stop crying. Incredible speakers representing myriad groups who support our community. So touched. @autismspeaks #greaterbostonwalk 27 July * @diaryofamom jess Came home from an incredibly inspiring night w @autismspeaks to find baby girl an epic disaster. Hope, meet … Continue reading

finding his voice

  As men we are wired to “fix” things. As fathers we are wired to protect our children. This is our nature. But autism is neither something that can be fixed nor something we can protect our children from – instead it is messy, complicated, hard, frustrating. And so as fathers we lose faith in … Continue reading

the journal and the paper chain

We interrupt our usual programming this morning to share a couple of utterly fabulous ideas from Diary readers. I can take no credit for either of these – at least not yet. Perhaps when the statute of limitations is up, then I can start claiming them as my own. In the meantime, I give you … Continue reading

a pink sock sorry

Katie has finally come apart at the seams. Lest there be any doubt, she is sobbing, face down into the basement sofa. Her rib cage rises and falls, rises and falls. I cannot comfort her. Brooke orbits the basement. She is frenetic. She gathers the hammock swing in her hands and steps up on the … Continue reading

someone took my kid

* © 2008 – 2011 Diary of a Mom * Last night, I was pretty well convinced that someone had taken my kid. I wasn’t sure who the adorable little sprite was that had been left behind, but man, was she awesome. She was just like Brooke – same big brown eyes with eyelashes that … Continue reading

dear katie

** I sat down to write a letter to my sweet Katie this morning. To apologize to her. To let her know that I get it. That sometimes it takes her Mama a little longer than the average bear to see – to really see what’s right before me, but I get it now. To … Continue reading

GQ fashion fail

** In a recent article, GQ Fashion rated the best and worst dressed cities in the nation. Boston didn’t fare so well, coming in dead last. I can’t really defend my fair city on this front. We ain’t exactly Milan. However, the problem wasn’t so much what they said as how they chose to say … Continue reading

ready for our closeup

OK, guys. If you had any lingering doubts about my undying love for you, I feel pretty confident that the following will put them to rest once and for all. You see, dear readers, I’m about to show you – and in so doing make accessible via the Interwebz FOREVER – photos of myself looking … Continue reading

my little monkey

Yes, it’s Saturday. No, I almost NEVER post on weekends. But I think you’ll see why this absolutely, positively couldn’t wait until Monday. The following took place yesterday morning when Luau dropped Brooke off at ESY. Yo B had told us about it the day before, so Luau, Katie and Brooke showed up at camp … Continue reading