my little monkey

Yes, it’s Saturday.

No, I almost NEVER post on weekends.

But I think you’ll see why this absolutely, positively couldn’t wait until Monday.

The following took place yesterday morning when Luau dropped Brooke off at ESY. Yo B had told us about it the day before, so Luau, Katie and Brooke showed up at camp a little early to see if she could do it again.

This feat has been eight years in the making.

One more hurdle crushed.

One more challenge tossed to the curb.

Hey, Motor Planning and Coordination disorders, kiss my kid’s ass. Yeah, you too Pervasive Anxiety.Β 

My little monkey is doing it.

All by herself.

I’d shared this with a couple of close friends yesterday.

One of them wrote the following in response.

That girl will move mountains, Jess. Big, hulking mountains. And she will curtsey when she has finished.

Don’t you just love that?

I may just frame it.

30 thoughts on “my little monkey

  1. I agree with Rachel. …and since you sent this to my phone yesterday, I have watched it over and over. Leaps and bounds and now mountains!

    Love you,

  2. Mountains like that threaten to make me forget all about the valleys. I needed that this morning.

    And Luau cheering her on brought me to tears.

  3. She already has moved mountains and the power of love is the fuel for the journey. THANK YOU for blessing us with your journey and reminding us that there is always hope and possibility and the human spirit’s ability to not only survive but thrive!

  4. Thank you for not waiting – that will inspire me for the rest of the weekend. Yay Brooke – keep knocking ’em down!

  5. Last summer we shared the same experience with my son. I remember jumping with joy. Those monkey bars were just one of the HUGE hurdles that my son has conquered. By the end of the summer, he was able to ride a bike without training wheels!!! All this just before his seventh birthday. Low muscle tone, poor motor planning, Autism – my little warrior is slaying obstacles one hurdle at a time.
    Congrats to your little warrior! She is BEAUTIFUL in every way!

  6. Thank you for sharing. When I read about Brooke’s triumphs like this, it makes me so hopeful for my little boy. If she can do it, then one day so can he! Thank you for giving us all hope.

    Go Brooke!

  7. I see so much of my 8 year old daughter in Brooke. Mine has yet to master this skill, although the other day while she was hanging she did reach for the next bar, but just couldn’t hold on. I know she will one day! Thank you Jess for all you do. And congratulations to Brooke!

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