finding his voice


As men we are wired to “fix” things. As fathers we are wired to protect our children. This is our nature. But autism is neither something that can be fixed nor something we can protect our children from – instead it is messy, complicated, hard, frustrating. And so as fathers we lose faith in ourselves.

But I am here to tell you tonight, no matter how lost you may feel, no matter how overwhelmed by the process you may be, there IS a way that you can help, there IS a way that you can make an impact, not only for your child but for all of our children.

~ Luau last night at the Autism Speaks Greater Boston Kickoff


I was so proud last night watching my husband at the podium sounding the rallying cry to autism fathers everywhere.

I am so proud of all that he does every single day to make this world a better place for our daughter.

Please read and watch his speech — HERE –.

Love you, babe. You done good.


8 thoughts on “finding his voice

  1. I was lucky enough to see his speech in person, and he did a fantastic job. You are extraordinarily lucky to have a husband that involved : )

  2. Damaris So proud of both of you ♥

    Cyn That is so true as a mom I wish i could give my son a voice and fix the challenges they have adjusting to the world.They are great kids and some times as adults we want to help.

    Lisa job Luau! 😀 Both of your daughters are lucky to have such dedicated and supportive parents!

    Tasha gonna share with my husband! He so often internalizes everything! Unlike me, he doesnt seek support like this blog, sure he will truly apprechiate ur words!

    Dawn Great job by a dynamic family! Thanks for the many ways you each contribute to our community 🙂

    Kristie Your words are truly helpful and i admire your strength and humor 🙂 our Kate is making some great breakthroughs this summer with many bumps in the road 🙂 thanks so much 🙂

    Tracey You have a voice, Luau. Thanks

    Kathy you must be so proud, and he’s still so dang cute!!!

    Elise Amazing dad, amazing speech!

    Gail Your hubby is some kind of guy!

    Holly Wonderful speech! I always think they are better when the speaker humbly says they don’t know how to speak. Luau obviously does!!

    Diary of a Mom –

    thx guys. this journey is different from every perspective and i think sometimes we lose sight of just how emotionally difficult it is for the dads too. i know i do. i’m very proud of him. 🙂

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