stay for a long


This is not an easy road, but its rewards are tremendous. It’s joys are the very sweetest of life’s nectar. You will drink them in and taste and smell and feel every last drop of them.

You will be OK.

~ From Welcome to the Club, Diary – May 2009 (click HERE to read the post in its entirety) 


Last night, I wrote the following on Diary’s Facebook status:

after a night full of heartbreaking regression, an AMAZING moment at bedtime — when i told brooke it was time for me to say goodnight, she put her arm around my neck and said softly, ‘not yet, mom. i need to you to stay for a long.’ so stay for a long i did. #love #connection #HOPE

I am copying it here because I need it to be a part of my diary.

I need to etch it here in stone so that I can refer back to it when the storm clouds gather – as they inevitably do.

I need to be able to remind myself that miracles exist.

I need to make sure that I never, ever forget how I felt lying next to my girl in the dark, staying put because she told me that she needed me and asked me to stay.

These are the moments that sustain us – the simple, perfect morsels that remind us that all is possible.

The sweetest of life’s nectar indeed.


Thank you all for sharing in these moments and for really, truly understanding their import. It means the world to me. 

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10 thoughts on “stay for a long

  1. I LOVE this. SO beautiful. Been seeing a good bit of regression over here since school ended last Thursday. Thanks for reminding us all of the sweet nectar of beauty and hope that can, and does, happen. xo

  2. The moments of connection center me to what’s really important. So wonderful that you had this moment with Brooke. She loves her mama! xo

  3. As hard as our journey can be on this “street” I often feel sorry for our friends on the other side of town. In that zip code, these simple precious moments often go unnoticed, overlooked or taken for granted, but here, to us, they are monumental, amazing and unforgetable…to be cherished and celebrated.

  4. These moments not only get put forever in the vault that is our memory, they make a mark on our heart that will stay there forever….. Without them, we we would have no hope.. I am so glad that the light shined through for you at the end of the day. She is incredible and so is her mommy!!!!

  5. a beautiful moment, i’m glad it’s been etched into words. all of your words, they’re such gifts, i’m always greateful for posts like these. thank you jess.

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