what i wish for


It’s my birthday. And though I’m not exactly thrilled (she said, for once understating a situation dramatically) about turning another year older, I’m choosing to embrace the day.

Why? Cause it’s mine, damn it. And I get to be the queen today. (Just ask me; I’ll tell you.)

And besides, nothing eases the blow of getting really damn old like pretending not to care and embracing the celebration.

So to that end, I thought I’d put together a little list for anyone who, ya know, might want to get me a little something today.

I thought about this ..

Nantucket Homes For Sale 1 Sherburne Way
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But decided that for $23 million dollars, I’d really like a pool.

I thought about these ..

But I really wasn’t sure what I’d wear with them.

I thought about this ..

But I just don’t think that mucking stalls is for me. (See the shoes above).

I even toyed with this ..

But I didn’t know how to get a hold of him love my husband too much to ever think of something like that.

And then I thought of this ..

And I knew immediately what I really wanted for my birthday.

To make a difference.

To ease the path for my girl and so many like her who struggle with autism’s challenges.

To help find answers.

To change lives.

That’s what I’m asking for today.


Because every child deserves the chance to push past the limits of his or her potential.

Because we ALL deserve a world in which these amazing people are full participants.

Because we still have so many more questions than answers. 

Because the answers change lives. 

Because given the right tools, there is nothing – NOTHING – that my baby can’t do. 

Because for the first time in my life, I have no choice but to ask for your help. 

Because we can’t do this alone. 

Please give what you can. 

Because every dollar makes a difference in the lives of children like mine. 

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.


Click –> HERE <– to make a better world for people with autism!



20 thoughts on “what i wish for

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  2. I texted Luau yesterday from my local Wal-Mart to say I was confronted by a family with an autistic child. When i first noticed the boy and the odd behavior I wasn’t sure what was happening. But as his mannerisms became more agitated and voice louder I realized what was happening, what his family deals with on a constant basis. Maybe the difference for me yesterday is that rather than be annoyed by a kid disturbing the relative peace during my shopping trip I empathized with this family and the certainty that every day will be a struggle.

    “Not knowing” is the greatest obstacle for someone like me. My children do not have the same issues. But in reading your blog and Luau’s I have a better understanding of what parents of autistic children deal with daily. Thank you for making a difference in own I see the world.

    Please extend happy birthday wishes to Jess from South Carolina.

    And wait a few more years on #1. In this market the price is sure to drop.

  3. Your wish has come true – you have helped make a difference in peoples lives that you will never even know about. You have helped ease the path for your daughter and mine. You are helping to find answers, they are just not always the answers we want and you have without a doubt, absolutely changed lives and made a positive difference for so many people. Enjoy your special day. Happy birthday.

  4. Though I was seriously conflicted over your gift (George C. is SO tempting), I’m quite sure I made the right choice!! Happy Birthday Jess!! Wishing you a fabulous day and wonderful year ahead!!

  5. Happy birthday, darling, and you are making your own birthday wish come true, because you make the day better for our kids every day. I hope you have a wonderful day full of snuggles and love.

    Also, I am always confused by $23 million houses with 5 bedrooms. Couldn’t they add a couple extra bedrooms? For $23 million, I would need, like, TEN bedrooms.

  6. Happy Birthday Jess! You make a difference – in all of our lives by sharing your life with us, helping us to know that we’re not alone and helping us to have hope for the future. You make a difference in the life of Brooke and Katie every day as well. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I wish you an awesome birthday with no meltdowns and some time to yourself! Have a good one!

  7. Happy Birthday! And you are NOT really damn old – I am – I just turned 51 on Wednesday. And you look lovely. And you deserve everything on your list and then some.

    So here’s a Happy Birthday roar from one Leo Autism Mom to another … Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  9. Happy Birthday! I think you actually deserve everything on your list: Donation for Autism Speaks Walk, house, shoes, pony and George. Okay your husband might like it if you got George. I hope that your birthday is just wonderful. Thank you for being a gift to so many!!

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