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Ed note: We now return to our regularly scheduled programming, but not before I thank you again for the overwhelmingly positive response to yesterday’s post, We Shall Be Free.

I wish I could respond to your comments individually, but alas, there simply aren’t enough hours in a day. That said, I would be grateful if you would click HERE and scroll down to comment #52 to see my response to your feedback. Thank you!


If I could, I would change the very last line in the video you’re about to see. I’d imagine that you all know me well enough by now to know that “Fix” her, even in quotes, makes me squeamish.

But this needs to be seen.

Thank you, Lou.


Please CLICK HERE and give what you can.

Walk with us.

For Brooke, for Bianca, for every person who struggles with the challenges of autism.

Thank you.

25 thoughts on “walk with us

  1. ok well I had a good cry. Why does it choke me up so much more when I see dads in these types of videos?

    Yes “fix you” is horrible. It’s too bad that’s in there because what could have been an awesome video for awareness is about to become controversial. And I get it. I certainly wouldn’t want any one to tell me my kids are broken and need fixing. And I am sure that as an autistic person I would be appalled if my parents were to suggest they were going to fix me.

    Getting better though. I really liked how this video was not fear mongering.
    A huge thank you to the father who stepped forward to make this video.

  2. I had the same reaction as you did when I watched this video the other day. It is a powerful message but the “fix her” card made me cringe.

  3. I think the fact that the word fix is in quotes is to symbolize a hope in the future to find a solution and/or a cure. I honestly don’t think it’s meant as a negative. Plus usually men are known as the one’s in the relationships of life of those who see a problem and want to “fix” it. Whether it’s a broken item around the house or a relationship problem.

    I thought of everything we have been through in the short year since my daughters diagnosis and felt it matched everything in that video. I shared it already.

  4. “fix” may not have been the best choice of word – but his message is clearly heard….. very moving and honest.

  5. So poignant! I will definitely be sharing this video. “Fix You” is the name of the song playing in the background, so there’s the connection…but not the overiding message. This father is trying to make a difference by telling his story and I am so thankful for that!

  6. Balling…. and I get what you feel about “fix” but I also get what he means by it. That was beautiful and I’m sharing it with every one who will watch…

  7. I think “fix” is just how some men handle things they come up against. When I was struggling with depression in high school, my dad could only say to the shrink that he wanted the doctor to fix me. It’s the term he uses for making it better. I don’t think he means that autism = broken . . . Just that he wants to make it better for her.

  8. I agree with Kristy (as an aside Chris Martin said the same thing when interviewed about his reason for writing the song when GP’s Dad died). Thanks for sharing this Jess – I am officially bawling at my desk once again. This happens frequently.

  9. I saw this video and actually thought of you and your family. Of course, I thought about all of the people and families I know who are affected by ASD, mine included, but I was hoping you’d seen the video.
    I do agree with Michel and Kristy that it wasn’t meant to mean fix= broken. That’s why he used quotes.
    Blessed be.

  10. Hey everybody. First off I would like to thank Jess for sharing my video on A Diary of a Mom.

    I knew the “fixing” theme would raise some eyebrows. I actually address it in the guest blog on the Autism Speaks website.


    I talk about the idea of “fixing” something being instinctual in a man. Also from a thematic perspective, it went with the song which was personal to me.

    The theme you should walk away from is that “I guarantee that she will be the best BIANCA she can be.” not that I think that autistic children kids need “fixing”. I made a promise to my daughter and if anything I think it conveys my desperation as the father of a little girl, I desperately love and would do anything for.

    Thank you for all of the great comments, emails and for sharing your experiences. More than anything I will carry that with me always.

    Keep fighting. Don’t give up. We will get through this together.

    • thank you, lou. the video was beautifully done and extremely powerful. it was also obvious by the quotes that you were sensitive to the implications of the word ‘fix’ though i do appreciate you sharing the link for further explanation.

      we stand with you, praying for your bianca, for my brooke, for all of our precious babies who deserve no less than to be the absolute best they can be.


    • Lou,

      I can’t tell you how many times in the last however many years that when that song comes on, I go through the same process…it makes me cry every, EVERY time…

      and I agree with you that “fix” is an instinctual thing…

      …Bianca and Brooke WILL be the best Bianca and Brooke they can be!


  11. So powerful. While I didn’t quite agree with the “fixing” part, this video brings awareness to the autism we all deal with and the struggles it brings for our community. That, in and of itself, is a wonderful thing.

  12. Very powerful video…I get what he means by “fix”…If I could take away all of my Son’s challenges,I would do it in a heartbeat…and I am thinking that is what he meant by “fix”…

  13. Anne ~ Wow.

    Neurotypical Mom ~ That is so powerful. Thanks for posting Jess!

    Heather ~ yeah, I saw this last week. I’m not too sure about the “fix you” part. It makes me sad. How about he change it to “Help you” instead. That’s a thought isn’t it?! ;P

    Sarah ~ Thank you, Jess. Thank you for sharing this and for all that you do. Definitely reposting.

    Rana ~ Thank you for sharing. Most days I am so caught up in getting our family to the next day that I can’t/ don’t reach out to help the community. Thank you do much for reaching out.

    RichardandCheryl ~ wow! very powerful!

    Sue ~ Thank you for making me cry after just putting on mascara!! Lol. The demons are running rampant through our house this week I needed this little reminder to remind myself of the good parts like watching my girls body surf through the waves when a year ago we could not get her feet in the sand.

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