them elephants


In the car last week:

Brooke, excitedly: Katie, look! There’s them elephants!

My heart fills with pride. I will never, ever tire of hearing my girl say, “Look!” No, it took too long to get here to be taken for granted. 

Katie, confused: What elephants, Brooke? I don’t see any elephants.

Brooke: Pretend!

And pretending! Did you catch that? I know you did. The child who once had ‘No Functional Play Skills’ is ya, know, just pretending. Cause that’s how she rolls now. 

Katie: Oh, um, OK, sure, Brooke.

Brooke, excitedly: Katie, look! There’s them elephants!

Katie: I see. But Brooke, we don’t say ‘them elephants’ we say ‘THOSE elephants’.

Brooke: No we don’t.

Katie: Yes we do. You’d say, ‘Katie, look at THOSE elephants!’ Can you say it like that, Brooke?

Brooke, excitedly: Sure. Katie, look at those them elephants!

I look at Luau. He looks at me. I am laughing too hard to breathe. 

Katie to Luau and me: Um, hullo? Little help here?

Luau: Yup, them sure are some big elephants.

That’s it. I’m toast. 


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22 thoughts on “them elephants

  1. so funny! you guys could hit the road with that act, bring in huge crowds.

    brooke has her timing down, she could hold her own with the marx brothers.

  2. This just happened, no joke either, “Daddy mommy’s up and I think she is in her working room (office). Now it’s not as cute as ‘them elephants’, but seriously, I love his language ESPECIALLY when he does Aidan speak!

    • love that! brooke once hit her eyelid and started yelling, ‘my eye door! my eye door!’ the creativity that these kids manage to access to communicate doesn’t cease to amaze me!!

    • 😉 i actually woke up thinking about it. which was a heck of a lot better than stressing over last night’s debacle!! thanks, lady!

  3. I have a thought:

    A Diary of a Mom…THE SITCOM.

    Think of what it would do for autism awareness…and ratings!

    P.S. I get to play the nutty neighbor. Suggested casting: Sofia Vergara.

  4. I remember my first “look” from Daniel. It was “look my a ladybug” he was laying on the trampoline. To which I replied, ” WHAT did you just say?! it was glorious!

  5. Margaret ~ aww bless

    Debbie ~ Wonderful! I too, love when my son pretends. What I love more is hearing him laugh. He didn’t understand humor until he was at least 8. (Still misses it at times) He laughed at sponge bob and could explain why it was funny. I hated sponge bob until that moment. Now he’s one of my heroes! It’s the little moments that keep you going. 🙂

    Tracey ~ I remember the days of complete silence in the back of the car. This lasted until my son Tim was seven years old. THEN he discovered his voice, and we could not shut him up. It was beautiful! then he started using his imagination and started mixing his favorite shows together. I’, still trying to figure out how Sesame Street destoyed the Power Rangers!

    Kelly ~ I saw this earlier, but because I’m in a pity party mood didn’t feel like reading blogs. I just decided to come back and read, glad I did, I needed the laugh this morning.

    Yomara ~ I just discovered your blog yesterday through a friend’s page…and I just have to say thank you. you are my new favorite blogger.

    Beth ~ Yay! What a fun story! I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

    Jennifer ~ Love this!!!

    Holly ~ I know this post was to tell us of the proud moment you had when Brooke said “look” And pretended but my very favorite part was Them Elephants!! 😉

    Sami ~ LOVE that!! ♥ Brook is so very lucky to have such a supportive sister!

    Diary of a Mom ‎@holly, nope. those were just extras. the ‘those them elephants’ cracked me up. 🙂

    Diary of a Mom deb, god bless sponge bob. i LIVE for the laugh. 🙂 tracey. that’s hilarious. yomara, welcome! glad you found me (us!). xo all!!

  6. She delivered that perfectly. I love it! I know exactly how you felt hearing B talking about imaginary animals. My son has an imaginary friend, the boy who never appeared to interested in other kids suddenly had an imaginary friend. I will make grilled cheese at 2 a.m. for that friend if he wants. I’m just so happy he’s here. LOL!

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