Posted in August 2011

don’t they want to be with me?

Ed note: What follows is my best attempt to relay the crux of the events that unfolded on Saturday evening. For the sake of brevity (and truthfully, self-preservation) I left out a lot. I’ve been up since three o’clock this morning – kneading and rolling and attempting to pound this story into submission. And yet, … Continue reading

what i wish for

* It’s my birthday. And though I’m not exactly thrilled (she said, for once understating a situation dramatically) about turning another year older, I’m choosing to embrace the day. Why? Cause it’s mine, damn it. And I get to be the queen today. (Just ask me; I’ll tell you.) And besides, nothing eases the blow … Continue reading

stay for a long

* This is not an easy road, but its rewards are tremendous. It’s joys are the very sweetest of life’s nectar. You will drink them in and taste and smell and feel every last drop of them. You will be OK. ~ From Welcome to the Club, Diary – May 2009 (click HERE to read the … Continue reading

i understand – reprise

* How is it – how can it possibly be – that my nine-year old daughter gets this? How is it that we, as adults, spend so much of our time trying so hard to placate one another – trying to FIX it for each other – whatever IT may be – or trying to … Continue reading

autism street

* I typed something I thought might be poetic. And then I deleted it all – one letter at a time. It was a story about a house on Autism Street – I thought a pretty little metaphor might make it easier to say. It didn’t. The truth does not always fit into pretty metaphors. … Continue reading


@diaryofamom jess My kingdom to give various iterations of autism their own names. The spectrum is absurdly broad. #Autism is one word but there is no one autism. . ~ Twitter yesterday, 5pm. * “There isn’t AN autism. There are autisms.” ~ Geri Dawson, Autism Speaks Chief Science officer, June 2011 (full post HERE) * … Continue reading

oops i did it again

** Sunday, mid-afternoon. Katie and I are walking quickly through a local shopping plaza. We are set to meet Kathleen at the beach later in the day for our family photo shoot.  I need to find a shirt to wear for said photo. I’m in a mild panic. Katie looks at me, nose scrunched as though she’s … Continue reading

free range photography

* Last April while vacationing in Florida, I had the brilliant idea of signing our family up for a complimentary sitting with a local photographer. I’d written then, “When I heard about the free sitting with the supposedly fabulous (and typically VERY expensive) family photographer – on the beach no less – I figured we … Continue reading

what’s YOUR favorite number?

* It was a very full, extraordinarily long weekend around these parts. So long and so full in fact that when I finally stumbled into bed last night, already half-asleep after passing out next to a very unhappy kid suffering an epically bad tummy ache, I failed to set my alarm. I woke with the … Continue reading