back to school


It was raining hard on the first day of school this year, so we I had to settle for indoor pictures.

Of all the ones I took, I think this one is my favorite ..



Hmm, or maybe this one ..



Before we left I made Katie sit on the floor so that I could had to get a shot of Katie’s nails.

Because it took FOREVER to do them the night before and I wanted proof.

Because I thought she’d want to remember them.

The skulls and cross bones either made me the coolest mom ever or the tackiest. Or maybe the coolest tacky mom ever. Jury’s still out, but I think they’re pretty nifty.



And off they went (with the paparazzi trailing close behind) ..



New beginnings are not always easy on our kids – the ones with challenges or the ones without.

Anxiety runs high – for them and for us.

The unknowns can be terrifying.

But so to, there is hope.

Hope that this will be a good year.

A year stocked full of victories – both baby steps and quantum leaps – to celebrate.

This is my hope.

For ALL of our beautiful, wondrous children.

May it be the best year yet.

20 thoughts on “back to school

  1. I am hoping too and so far, so good. I completely get having our own anxieties about the year and the progress or lack thereof and the challenges our kids will meet. I have a feeling, though, it will be a good year.

  2. They are both such gorgeous girls! I found your blog about 2 weeks ago and have read every post while my daughter naps each day. Thank you, thank you for writing what you do. My little girl was diagnosed with PDD after suffering from Bacterial Meningitis and subsequent brain injury. It’s been rough. She’s beyond amazing and I love her to pieces…but it’s been rough. Your words have made it a little easier.

    On a much lighter note…Please, please, please tell me where you found Brooke’s backpack. My little one is obsessed with oranges. She SLEEPS with one…seriously. She would love it!

  3. We have been back in school for 3 weeks already, but this has been the best transition yet! Here’s hoping for a smooth 2nd grade (and 3rd grade for you!)
    Pictures are adorable as usual! Love the nails!

  4. Stunning as ever! I don’t know if you recall my asking about the paper tearing? Well, it’s baack. My daughter thinks it is a sign of stress what with Bells starting kindergarten and the big deal we made of it…also, two sided conversations with Silver Mist with Bells reciting both ends of the conversation. Ugh. Let’s hope that this, too, shall pass. hugs, gail

    • oh, man. sorry to hear. but better to rip paper than so many other of the ‘less preferable’ ways that our kids manifest their stress 😦

      the scripting is high here too. anxiety is HUGE this time of year.

  5. I hope we all have a great year. We’ve been back a month and so far it’s going well. This year, my daughter’s speech therapist is holding one of her sessions at lunch time in her room. My daughter gets to invite a classmate to lunch and they eat together and practice conversation. She’s had 3 lunches so far and it’s been a great success. I wanted to share in case others want to try this too.

  6. Thanks for the response, Jess. You are right about the other ways 😦 of relieving stress. It’s just so strange when “Silver Mist” tells her to do things. Bells even got angry that her mom wouldn’t talk to SM on the phone. Whole conversations and I don’t recognize any scripts. Hm, maybe that is progress? gail

  7. Beautiful pics. We had a big transition this year for our boys – from early start to kindergarten – and I worried about it for nearly a year. They have had an amazing start (about three weeks in right now). We could not be happier with the new school or the new team in place (though we still miss the old one, who we love like family after three years)! Here’s hoping you guys have an equally amazing year! And LOVE the nails. Coolest mom ever!

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