on angel’s wings


Photo by David Land.

As some of you know, my mom is an extremely talented jewelry designer. For years she has been making beautifully unique and timeless pieces of fine jewelry. I have been blessed to have received many of her pieces as gifts and I absolutely treasure them.

Each year around this time, my mom has generously run a promotion on her website, offering to donate a very generous portion of the profits from the sale of her jewelry to Autism Speaks through our walk team, Team Umizoomi. Through these promotions, she has donated a hearty sum to TU and I am grateful.

But this year, she wanted to do something different. Although her jewelry is worth every penny, she uses the finest materials and they don’t come cheap. It’s beautiful, but it’s not often within reach for families who are struggling to pay for their child’s services. So God bless her, she wanted to create something that would be accessible to all of us. Something that would represent the journey we walk with autism. Something beautiful that could serve as a conversation starter. That could help raise awareness. That could simply be a reminder of why we do what we do every day. And that could help raise vital funds for research and desperately needed family services.

So she created the Autism Collection. She used the iconic puzzle pieces fashioned out of sterling silver, shades of blue Swarovski crystals and pearls and angel wings. That’s my favorite part – the angel wings. For our angels, for HOPE.

The collection starts at twenty dollars. The most expensive piece is thirty-five. EVERY CENT – 100% – of all net profits will go to Autism Speaks.

Thanks for looking, thanks for shopping and thank you, above all, for supporting our kids.

Click on the photos for details or click HERE to see the whole collection. This is just a small sample.





Thanks. Mom!

20 thoughts on “on angel’s wings

  1. Thank you Carrie — I just ordered. I’m sure I will receive many compliments on the beautiful necklace — and what a wonderful way to raise awareness .. for my little guy Eric.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, I love the angels….I always wear my angel earrings when I need to be closer to heaven. I know what I will be buying for gifts as well.

  3. Beautiful!! I love them, and I know my Mom would too! Thank you for this. It’s very unique to the usual Autism Awareness Jewelry that’s available out there. And I can’t think of a better cause! I’ll be sharing on my FB page too!

  4. Wow! Those are great pieces (no pun inteded…or maybe it was?). LOL No only beautiful, but affordable too. Thanks Jess’s Mom! And Thanks Jess for writing about it.

  5. Cynthia ~ They are lovely!

    Hanna ~ Beautiful! 🙂

    Karilee ~ Such wonderful work. I love on angels wings. Hopefully I will be able to order one.

    A Chameleon in the Spectrum ~ beautiful! A good friend is doing something similar with her jewelry designs for our walk team as well!

    Tammy ~ ooh lovely! Can they be shipped to Australia?

    Stephanie ~ I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Where cam we order? Website maybe?

    Debbie ~ Stephanie – just go to Jess’s blog (above) and she leads you right to it. Just ordered mine!

    Laura ~ Those are beautiful! Love the blue bracelet!

    Teresa ~ I just ordered the necklace…ohhhh I can’t wait to get it..it is so beautiful!! Jess, please tell your mom thank you for making such beautiful pieces affordable and help out our cause!

    Carrie ~ Tammy, I would be delighted to ship to Australia for a supplemental fee just to cover the extra shipping costs. Let me know.

    MaryEllen ~ Gorgeous, I will certainly order!

    Donna ~ Beautiful! Simply beautiful! I have a small puzzle piece necklace, but I’m thinking of ordering the puzzle link necklace for a friend. Her son is in kindergarten and was recently dx’d with autism. She’s struggling and could use a small token of ♥

    Pam ~ These pieces are beautiful! Your mom is an Autism Angel!

    Suzanne ~ Beautiful! I just ordered earrings and a necklace. I cant wait!

    Melissa ~ Yes beautiful! I’ll have to order a necklace or two!!

    Holly ~ Gah! Way too many pretty things to choose from and not enough money to go around! Isn’t that always the way?!

    Robin ~ We’ll have to get several of these !!! & also share them as gifts !!! How beautiful ! & will look even more so on my Daughter !! Thanks to Mom !!

    Tammy ~ Thanks Carrie! I will definitely be ordering something on Friday. 🙂

    Robin Kessler-chez Your girls are growing up by leaps & bounds !

  6. We have ordered 2 bracelets from her, The Holy Communion and Bat MItzvah one …they are stunning!! Thanks you Jess’ Mom for doing this for all children… so beautiful… I am going to send it our OT to see if she will pass it on too. What a beautiful tribute! I am having a hard time deciding what to get!!! Thanks!

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