when lightening strikes twice


September, 2008


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May, 2009


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September, 2011

Dinner on the road

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Hi Jess,

I hope all is well.  I’m producing the next Ralph Lauren kids shoot and we wanted to know if Katie was available to be in it! We’re shooting in (removed) Sept. 20th & 21st.  

Please let me know if she’s available.

Thank you!

Best regards,


Director of Photography Production

Ralph Lauren Advertising


Once again, the call came at the worst possible time, and once again, it was also the best.

Katie and I headed for the road when I got home from work yesterday. We turned the music up when we hit the highway and we belted out our favorite songs. We turned the music off when she asked if we could talk. And talk we did. A lot. She cried a little. We laughed a lot. We turned the music back on and sang some more.

We stopped in an old fishing town for dinner and spent the night at a lovely little inn on the river. This morning, we will finish our drive. When we arrive on location this afternoon, we will find ourselves smack in the middle of a world that bears very little resemblance to the one we inhabit day-to-day. A world of fashion. A world of beauty and whimsy. A world of creativity. A world of fun.

A world that Katie doesn’t have to share with anyone.

A world that – for two precious days – is all about HER.

Thank you, Ralph Lauren, from the bottom of my heart. As big a gift as this would be for many, it’s enormous to this one.


20 thoughts on “when lightening strikes twice

  1. well, good for her. i hope she can get lost in that world for a bit, enjoy some katie-time. and i’m sure she’ll be comparing and contrasting apps with the other kids, spreading around more of her katie app magic. much fun. hope you guys have a good time.

  2. I’m so thrilled for her. I’m bursting with joy!

    Have the best time. I wish I could be a fly on that wall for sure!

    Love you both,

  3. Katie certainly is beautiful, it’s not wonder she was “discovered”…. little did they know what a beautiful heart came along with that little cover of perfection!! Ralph Lauren is lucky to have her!!

  4. I hope you both have a blast and I really hope they let her help style the shoot and wear that hat in at least one picture. She has great style.

  5. LOVE this. Enjoy every moment. Katie’s beauty is to her core and the folks at RL certainly didn’t miss that. She glows with love and light.

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