Posted in October 2011

my boy blue

* Frank: Are you sure you’re ok with this, Blue?  Blue: Just ring the &%@!ing bell, you pansy.  ~ Old School * * This beautiful lady is my fabulous friend, Marisa. Marisa owns an absolutely lovely and very chic salon on Newbury Street in Boston. For those of you unfamiliar with our fair city, Newbury Street … Continue reading

the professor, the dean and the revolution

* * Diary of a Mom’s Facebook Status, October 9 at 9:08am I just had the honor of connecting two people – a liberal arts college professor who is working on creating a comprehensive system of support for ASD kids on her campus and the Dean of Students at a polytechnical institute that already has … Continue reading

what was wrong with her?

* . My beautiful, perfect little girl. Because I needed her picture to be here. * . There are two girls working the cash register at the farmer’s market. Fresh faced teens, the kind a mother of boys would hope they’d bring home. They’re well mannered, sweet. I smile at them and note their names … Continue reading

a list of thank you’s – part two

* So where was I? Ah, yes, Drew and I had just met with Jeneil, along with a few others – including one who is doing groundbreaking (sometimes literally) work in the area of adult housing, one who is a psychologist who works with ASD families and one who works as a community service liaison … Continue reading

a list of thank you’s

* They’ve been hanging over my head for over a week. The thank you notes that desperately need to be written. But these are not just any thank you notes. These are the kind that demand time and effort and at least a certain amount of art. Because their recipients deserve no less. Our friends … Continue reading

the opposite of hatred

* The girls and I are driving to the mall. It’s a rare mid-week outing. God-willing, it will be quick and at least mostly painless. Out of nowhere Brooke asks,”What’s hatred?” The question sounds deep, but it’s part of a script. Last year, she sang a song in the second grade chorus that included the … Continue reading

a ding in the universe 

 The world lost a great visionary last night. . And the autism community lost a hero. . I heard one of the talking heads on television last night say, “Well, in some ways he wasn’t the best CEO. He wasn’t really so good at interacting with people.” I couldn’t help it; I laughed. Firstly, … Continue reading

the push and wait

* (Random, gratuitous picture, credit David Land) * . Team Brooke, . I wanted to let you know about a major breakthrough last night while Brooke was doing her reading. She was reading aloud from a book she loves called, Harry and the Lady Next Door. (She’s heard it, but hadn’t read it herself.) When … Continue reading

the walk – a day in pictures

* I still haven’t put together a proper thank you. Hard as I try, every time I sit down to write it, I balk. It’s just, well, I find it really hard to wrangle ALL that gratitude into a letter. For the life of me, I don’t know how to make people truly understand how … Continue reading


  Happy Monday! I’m over at the Sensory Processing Disorder Bloggers Network (SPDBN) today, revisiting my childhood and now craving a cheeseburger for breakfast. Come by, won’t you? And stick around to explore the site a while. It’s a great place to share experiences and to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder (also known as … Continue reading