halloween 2011

Ed note: The following is unedited because I don’t even have time to reread it. So please forgive any and all typos, grammatical errors, or sentences that simply make no sense. Welcome to my world. 

The background. (The quick version):

Halloween is tied for Christmas for the highest holiday chez Diary. Why? Because my girls love to dress up. And because one of them REALLY, REALLY loves to dress up. And because they love to Trick-or-Treat. And one of them REALLY, REALLY loves to Trick-or-Treat. And would ALL YEAR LONG if we’d let her. And because there’s something – well, lots of things really – really appealing about the ritual. It’s the same every time.

Ring doorbell

Shout “Trick or Treat!”

Take candy.

Shout, “Thank you!”

Shout, “Happy Halloween!”

Be part of a group of kids all doing the same thing.

We have one kid who lives for the candy, another who never looks at it again once it hits the bag. One who counts out the ‘good’ pieces and wheels and deals high level trading of the ‘not so good’ pieces and one who comes home and asks for spaghetti. Same holiday, totally different approach.

We had some angst about Halloween this year. Brooke wanted to be Barney. Katie panicked.

“Mama,” she said through gritted teeth, “she’s in THIRD grade. The kids will TOTALLY make fun of her if you let her go as Barney.”

The Barney costume only went up to size three.

So she decided to be a Teletubby. Po. Again, a tug on my arm.

“Mama, you HAVE to get her into something that a THIRD GRADER would wear. Seriously. Teletubbies?”

No doubt she was thinking of the all-school family Halloween dance. What would the kids say? What flak would she have to deflect? I was torn. I so want to let my girl be who she is. I also want to teach her how NOT to be target practice. But as we trolled around the Internet, something else caught Brooke’s eye that put the conversation to rest. It was perfect.

We’re pretty big fans of Charlie Brown around here. Who’s not this time of year? But we’re REALLY big fans. Some of you might remember this:

You Owe Me Restistupid, Originally posted Sept, 2010

So it was only natural that she would choose to be Sally. (Though every time we went to a store, she would head straight for the toddler section and stare at the Barney and Teletubby costumes, noting their sizes and telling me that they were for toddlers and they didn’t come in eights. Which was kinda heartbreaking, but moving on …

Katie debated for nearly a month. Her penchant for creativity on Halloween is well-known. From her stint as this:

The girl in the bed (with JoJo, 2007)

And this:

A washing machine (2009)

And even this:

The bird that went to Vegas to become a movie star (2010)

This year she toyed with a number of options. At the top of the list was a lamp. But not just a lamp – a working lamp that would turn on and off. I’m not much of an engineer, but I got my MacGyver on and was pretty sure I had it figured it out. She was psyched. We were ready. And then we were hit by a bout of tweenage.

“Mama,” she said one day in September, “do you think maybe I could just, ya know, buy a costume this year?”

We talked about it a lot. She decided that she wanted to be the lamp for camp this summer as she is determined to keep her title as the reining champ of the costume contest for the third year running. But for the school dance and for Tricks and Treats, she really wanted something just a little more ‘fitty inny’ (a word we made up last year while clothing shopping.)

She was happy to stand out later, she said. For now, she wanted to keep things simple. And so she did. She chose a typically tween, off the rack Queen of Hearts.

For the school dance she went as a witch. She told me that one does not wear the same costume twice in a row within the span of forty-eight hours, so the Queen of Hearts was not an option. Apparently a girl’s got to have standards.

You might recognize the guy next to her. And yes, we know that Cookie Monster would have been the more appropriate choice given the fact that he currently has blue hair, but Katie and I fell in love with the costume and he was a good sport.

Oscar and the witch.

As much as I love that photo, it kills me that Katie and Daddy ended up going to the dance alone.

Brooke was having a God-awful day thanks to a med change disaster and, despite having looked forward to it since it was announced, she couldn’t handle it. Welcome to the wonderful world of autism.

But now, without further adieu, I give you Halloween, 2011 …



The Queen of Hearts


I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween, no matter how you and your kiddos may have chosen to celebrate – or not celebrate – it.


Past Halloweens:

Last year



18 thoughts on “halloween 2011

  1. I so missed going trick or treating with all of you this year. I got spoiled the last two years when Halloween fell on a weekend. The kids looked great and thrilled as usual. Good job by them!

    Love you,

  2. When they ask I say “better than last year!” and they say “Great!” and that is our Halloween and it is good 🙂

  3. Hurray! So glad it went so well – except for the not going to the dance part – heartbreaking I know…but you’re right….sometimes a part of the whole autism package. I LOVE the Sally costume and the way Brooke is standing in the picture….like, Yeah, that’s right, I’m Sally 🙂

    We had a great Halloween, too. After being hit with that crazy winter storm, Nicky’s school did not open yesterday due to a power outage. We were devastated since he was all ready to go trick or treating around his school building wearing his Thomas the Train costume (loves it the way Brooke loves Godspell, catch my drift??) and then was supposed to parade around the school building for the parents to see. So instead we did what we always seem to do when things are looking down – we went to the mall! We ended up having a great time. The mall we went to is a small one, so he and his sister were able to handle hitting all the stores, and we got done so quickly, we even ventured back into town and walked the Boulevard along with the hundreds of other kids in costume. He was so happy – and needless to say, I cried the whole way – this time NOT behind my sunglasses (it was dark out) but inside my head – only because I didn’t want to scare all the little children away with my happy manic sobbing! Best Halloween Ever 🙂

  4. They both look great! I love the Queen of Hearts costume! I’m so glad they had fun trick or treating…and as for the dance? Like you aid….that’s life on Autism Street. This weekend…I go to my neice and nephews “combined” Bday party alone…I already know my kiddo won’t be able to handle it. 40 people. No. Way. Maybe some time in the future she’ll have the tools to handle something like that…or at least have shot at it. For now though, I feel your pain. And I had to learn the lesson the hard way. xo

  5. I’m sorry there was both “yin” and “yang”, I’ve been there too with events I thought Justin would love, and we never made it out the door. Hoping for better next year. Those costumes are fantastic, and major kudos to your hubbie for being a great sport!

  6. We are all about mental preparation here. My little guy loves chocolate (this is an understatement)! He kept telling me how he was going to get chocolate at every house when he said “trick or treat”. I tried to explain not everyone gives out chocolate candy. Here is how he compensated…..ding dong.. “trick or treat I would like chocolate please” somehow the pumpkin fairies were on my side. His sack was full of chocolate!

  7. How fun! I was worried about Halloween this year. This would be the first year my 3 year old with Autism might have a shot a Trick or Treating. We had group, her 4 year old sister and 3 other 4 year old friends. The first two house she had a complete meltdown. The poor homeowners stood in the doorway with candy in hand not knowing what to do. However, we kept moving forward and my girl rallied! She would walk up to the houses and say (yep, she used words!) “Trick or Treat”! Then, she tried to walk in the house but she was easily redirected! It was such an awesome night.

  8. And where did Katie get that imagination? Hm? Your family is delightful! I am so sorry there have been “issues” lately. Glad it worked out for Halloween.

  9. I love the Sally costume! I had a great Halloween with my Aidan. Last year, he only made it past one house before having a total meltdown. This year he shouted “Trick or Treat” at every house. We’re still working on “Thank You.” I cried the whole way with tears of joy. Thank God it was dark. We’ve come a long way in a year. Only a family living with autism would understand how much those 3 words meant to me last night. I love reading about your family.

  10. Have I told you lately that those girls are gorgeous?! I am happy Halloween went well this year, with all of the progrees that Brooke has made she will be at that dance before you know it. I may need her or Katie to convince Diego that Halloween is fun…lol…But we had progress too, he tried out his trick or treating skills at one house….better than last year’s count of zero :). Luv ya girlfriend!

  11. love the photos, thx for posting this.

    i’m definitely in the pro-candy camp. i’m a grown man, yet i have the pallete of a child…love me some sweets. woohoo. and i am not above sneaking candy from the halloween bag here…it’s happened. oh yes, it has. i’m a sneaky sweet thief.

  12. How about our Halloween was canceled due to storm damage and schools were, and ARE, still closed. Not a good situation in our house!

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