Tears streamed down my face as I read my friend Jeneil’s beautiful post this morning.

It was these words that did me in ~

“My daughter has taught me well: when the tongue is bound and eyes don’t seem to see and ears don’t seem to hear, love translates.”

Please read her post HERE.

Trust me.

It’s a gift.

A beautiful, wondrous gift.

And if it sounds vaguely familiar, the answer is yes, I have written before about the striking similarities between Autism and Alzheimer’s.

They haunt me still.

Read my post HERE.


And with that, we are off to a meeting with Brooke’s doctors this morning – both Dr S and Dr Dreamy.

We will sit down and figure this out.


It’s funny, there’s a song that I just can’t get out of my head today.

Natalie Merchant’s Wonder.


I think not.

13 thoughts on “wonder

  1. It’s funny, I was really listening to the words in that song last night. I’ve had that CD for YEARS, but last night was the aha moment for me too. Love you and your beautiful family and I hope like crazy that today is answer day for you. XO

  2. hoping a the doctors can come up with a good game plan for you. the problem with meds that work is that they can feel odd, uncomfortable for a few days or weeks. and the meds that don’t work, obviously, can be a real nightmare. so i’m keeping you guys in my thoughts and hoping a path will reveal it self and give that sweet one of yours some comfort.

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