when you screw with the autism gods .. nobody sleeps and posts ramble


It’s all my fault really.

I had to go and get cocky.

And we all know what happens when we get cocky.

I posted this on Facebook over the weekend ~

More Evidence That Melatonin Eases Autism-Associated Insomnia

With a note that said, “They could have just asked us :)”

Maybe it was the smiley face. That might have been the kicker. Or maybe it was me referring to Melatonin as a Godsend for Brooke in the conversation that followed in the comments. Maybe it was just that I brought it up at all.

Brooke was up giggling at 3:00 a.m.

And humming at 3:30 a.m.

And laughing hysterically at 4:00 a.m.

Finally at 4:44 a.m., she came into our room (yup, she Came Out Of Her Room At Night for the second time in well, ever), stepped on Luau’s head and asked me what would happen if Jesus and John the Baptist were cutting onions. (They would cry, duh.)

So, yeah. My bad. (Although if we’re being honest, she did seem pretty happy.)

So I guess this is my long way of telling you why I essentially don’t have a post this morning. What I do have is a little critter who finally fell asleep about an hour ago and Oh My God, we’re going to be exhausted all day, but cuddling with her was completely awesome and totally worth it because she’s the best cuddler on the face of the earth (kicking and squirming and thrashing notwithstanding.)

Anyway, what I also have, aside from the rambling mess above is the following. It’s a quote from a post that I wrote just after Christmas in 2008. It took us until then to get it right, but that Christmas was the one that taught me everything. Ever since, we’ve dropped the fireworks – no more midnight visits from Santa, no more huge overabundance of gifts. We brought the celebration of this sacred day home.

This year, when I’ve found myself caught up in the running, the panicking, the buying, the Here and There and Back Again and the Damn it, I knew I forgot something’s, I’ve looked back on that Christmas, dug in my heels and said no more.

This was Christmas, 2008. And God-willing, will continue to be every year hence.

There was a softness, a lightness this year. The hurry gone, the frenzy abated. A feeling that less was far more. There was a poignant awareness that the gifts we cherished the most were the ones that we already had. It was a lot of fun to find some small things for one another, but what it all came down to for me was the simple Grace that we said before our Christmas dinner. The same one that we say together before every meal, every day.

“Thank you for the food we are about to receive and for the precious gift of each other. Amen.”


Read the post in its entirety HERE.

Have a great day, my friends.

I’ll be the one nodding off at my desk.

12 thoughts on “when you screw with the autism gods .. nobody sleeps and posts ramble

  1. Some lessons are worth learning yet again–including laying low. Also didn’t your mother teach you not to be cocky?

    Love you,

  2. Clicked on every link, every and my question is….how long does it take to write ALL of THAT? I’d be sitting at my desk at damn day. All. Day. Impressive DOAM. Yes grad school was hell, if you are wondering, you can ask my typist, cause girlfriend did not type her papers. Paid dearly and worth every cent. Every! And homotoxicology school……well……still paying THAT off.

  3. Squirmy cuddling-totally the best. When their desire to be near overrides the sensory (at least that’s how I view it for my non-cuddler!) We will be going the opposite way this year now that we’ve moved near family–bigger, louder, more.

  4. i’ve been taking melatonin for 15 years. yay for melatonin. woohoo. i just hope you can get through the day, you may have to sneak a little caffeine. or a lot.

    i’m off to ponder jesus and john the baptist and onions.

  5. Yeah, all the big fuss about Christmas doesn’t work for us either. Love Jesus, John and onions. And they say people on the spectrum don’t have a sense of humor. What do they know?

  6. My son never comes out of his room at night!! Just another one of those little things we’ve discussed here in this house but never considered it a common thread amongst the community. …Routine I guess, well thank you DOAM, you always make us feel included!

  7. I feel your pain. Melatonin helps my son fall asleep but I find he wakes more in the night. A delicate balance we walk. If there is any lesson I’ve learned through our autism journey thus far, it is to never f*** with the sleep gods.

    Good luck today. Hope tonight is better.

  8. We had to stop using melatonin with our son everynight because after taking it for a while it stop working thru the entire night and only work for a few hours. He would also wake up aroun 3am giggling and would not go back to sleep.

  9. School is out for the holiday season. I gave presents and notes to all those that have joined or have been drafted to our team. As with many of the years past, the list was long but all were deserving of a note of thanks and a special Christmas wish. For it does take a community to raise a child. It also takes a community to support parents who struggle throughout the year with the many obstacles and to have a community to celebrate when our kids reach milestones or achieve what once was believed an impossible life hurdle.
    My son too, has struggled with sleep this week. Perhaps it is the excitement of the holidays, the lack of daily school routine, or just the Autism demons depriving him of peace.
    Jesse – you provide the words that so many of us are feeling and living. If I could give you a pony, I would. For now, Merry Christmas! Wishing you and your family peace and joy in the New Year!

    • Jess- If I really want to give you a pony, I should at least spell your name correctly;). Congrats on your contribution to the book. It is on my wish list for Christmas.

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