Posted in December 2011

thank you gifts

Really important Ed note: If you teach my child, please don’t read this until after Christmas. Or maybe not at all unless you want to know exactly what you’re getting from us and exactly what it cost and then think I’m a cheapskate and possibly strain our really wonderful relationship. Please. Cause it would so … Continue reading

the unthinkable – again

A completely random and gratuitous photo of my sweet girl. Because when people click on this post to read about a mother killing a child with autism, this is the face that I want them to see. Photo by Kathleen Connerton . On May 31st of 2010, Stephanie Rochester – according to her own report … Continue reading

the kiss

Last night, I came home late from work. As I pulled into the garage, the door to the basement opened as if by itself. There was no one in the doorway. I sing-songed, “Who’s there?” There was no answer. As I got closer, I saw Brooke’s head sticking out from behind the door. “Well, hello, … Continue reading

a rant, a book and a plea for help

* I have a LOT to tell you. A LOT. In fact, there’s a big arse blog jam building up in my poor little foam-stuffed head. It’s gotten so bad recently that I’ve begun a list of reminders for posts that need writing so that I won’t forget. There’s ‘family photos – how’, ‘what is … Continue reading

fair, redux

. The plan for today is the Radio City Christmas Spectacular with Uncle Paul and his family. When he first suggested it, we were just coming off of our success at Godspell and I felt emboldened to try. But anxiety is running HIGH this morning and Mama’s confidence is waning. *gulp*  ~ Diary’s Facebook Status, Saturday … Continue reading

e-mail #fail

* * I knew it the moment I’d hit send. I don’t know how I knew, I just knew. You know those moments? When you just know? I scrambled to get to my Sent Items file to check. The circle spun. Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. Faster! The phone froze. Damn it. … Continue reading