me too

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for when we dig the deepest

reach and reach to the farthest corners

to unearth the darkest treasures

give words to the whispers

lend them a loud, clear voice


and only then

do we take steps toward the light

and when we take that treasure, dark and cold as it may seem




so god damned heavy

and ours

ours alone

how could anyone possibly understand this thing?

and plop it down

in the middle of the village square


here it is, damn it

this thing i’ve found

here it is

it drops with a thud

shakes the earth

kicks up the dust

yes, here it is


deafening silence

and then

a voice in the distance says


i have one of those too

and with a thud

another drops to the ground

then another

me too!


and me!


yes, and me!

and suddenly it’s not so precious anymore

so heavy

no, it’s just one of hundreds



unique perhaps

but not solitary

not alone

never to be alone again

Thank you.

To everyone who said Me too.

To everyone who dropped their treasure in the village square.

You – WE – are not alone.

Thank you.

28 thoughts on “me too

  1. You are a sweetheart for always finding the right words making our struggles always about “us” and reminding us about our wonderful extended family πŸ™‚

  2. We are One. Love to you Jess. It IS nice to know we’re not alone. One of the main resons I read your blog very day and I’m sure one of the reasons you write it. Love you soul sister xoxo

  3. Me too….thank you for this thing you do everyday…for this place you have created. Sometimes it is everything, just to know we are not alone on this journey!

  4. How do you make saying “thank you”, a masterpiece too.? I am amazed by you evey single day. You are truly the gift that never stops giving.
    A very grateful Dad,
    Love you

  5. This is why I will sit through the meetings where at any minute somebody could throw up a hurdle that kills the autism workshop I’ve volunteered months to put together. And while the naysayers do what they do (nay), what I will think is… 1 in 110, 1 in 70, 1 in 88… our babies… our babies… when they need help, will it be service or excuses that they get? THUD, Jess. There’s mine. And I will stand on top of it and shout my barbaric yawp, even if it sometimes comes out as a tinny little “yopp!” as if from the bottom of a deep well. WE ARE HERE!

  6. Thank you for all of this! I need you all today so much. I just can’t seem to shake the sadness I am feeling. I have always told people that my son was a little different from birth. Yes, he used to have some speech, but not much. Last night I sat down with the home movies. At two years old, he looked to be a happy, interactive, inquisitive, NORMAL boy. So full of promise for the future. By the time he was two and a half, everything was a struggle: No talking, no sharing, always on the run. I thought watching those movies would be interesting and fun to compare, instead I am so sad. I feel like I am mourning the loss of him. So thank you and everyone for sharing your stuggles and sadness too.

  7. I did not have a minute yesterday to answer, but I can’t believe you have gone this long without anything. I was put on anti-anxiety meds after a car accident 5 years ago and realized I should have been on them 40 years ago! I was hospitalized when I was a child because of stomach aches all the time and they told my parents I was nervous, that’s why I was sick. No wonder you tear up so much! I am much more rational now and don’t get sick to my stomach. My son was started on them recently, the Dr. Said is you have diabetes you take medicine. Well this Is a chemical imbalance in your brain and you need to treat it too. I remember in one of posts you said don’t be afraid to ask for help, I am so glad you took your own advice :-). You will be amazed at the difference. Take care of the caregiver. ❀

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