Katie and I are in the office. We are combing through Pet Finder, engrossed in the pages upon pages of dogs in need of homes. We hone in a few, read their stories, wonder if perhaps they might be the one who is meant to join our family, destined to be Winston’s playmate.

I can’t believe we’re here. Three years ago, I would have laughed maniacally had you told me we would have a dog at all, no less be looking for another. Two years ago, I would have been pretty well convinced you had lost your marbles if you told me that Brooke would happily go visit a shelter and sit down in a pen, waiting to meet a dog that we might just bring home. But last year? Well, last year Winston came into our lives. And he changed everything.

So here we are, combing the Internet, searching for the one. We think we have something. A two year-old puggle who was rescued from an awful situation but has, through sheer force of will remained sweet and loving despite her ordeal. She adores kids and other dogs. She lives for affection. Her story resonates with us. Katie makes me promise to call the number listed.

Before I can pick up the phone, Brooke comes bounding up the stairs from the basement playroom. “Mom,” she begins yelling halfway up, “do you want to come play with me?”

I smile and tell her that I’d love to play with her, but that I need a minute. I try to show her what we’re doing – to get her involved, but she’s on a mission.

“Katie,” she says, “do you want to come play with me?”

Katie promises her that we’ll be right there.

‘Right there’ is apparently not cutting it.

“Dad,” Brooke yells up the stairs to our bedroom, “do you want to play with me?”

She has a taker. Luau comes down to hang out with her in the basement until we can join them.

Katie and I return to the screen. And then she stops.

“Mama,” she says.

“Yes, babe.”

“How cool is that?”

“How cool is what, honey?”

“That Brooke is coming up here and asking us to play with her? I mean, it wasn’t really very long ago that all she could do was scream, ya know? I just think it’s cool.”

“Yeah, baby,” I say squeezing her shoulder. “It’s very cool.”

She’s quiet for a minute, then adds, “I’m really proud of her. She works really hard.”

I rest my head on hers. “I’m really proud of both of you, baby.”

She smiles up at me and we return to looking for Winston’s new playmate.


Ed note: Lat night, we had and passed the shelter’s home visit and we hope to meet this beautiful little girl over the weekend. If all goes well and every member of the family (including Winston of course) is comfortable, we hope to bring her home to join our rag-tag bunch. Although it’s still up for debate, Katie’s been pushing for the name Lucy and Brooke told me at bed time last night that her whole name will be Lucy Peach Ariel Hannah Davis (not our real last name, but you get the point.) I just hope she doesn’t want a monogrammed dog bed. 


27 thoughts on “cool

  1. I love your blog, love your writing, and love that you rescue pets instead of buying! We rescued our second dog 18 months ago as a playmate for our first dog and it has been wonderful for both dogs and our family.

  2. That IS very cool!!! The fact that she has a sister that thinks its cool, and that acknowledges her hard work is awesome, and you must be very proud!! I had a pug, and she was sooo sweet, very lazy and always hungry. Then we added a pitbull to the family, and I said I would never get any dogs… Ever… Now I can’t imagine my life without Lola, and pray that whoever stole my Diva is giving her all the love and care I did…

  3. That is very cool. Katie is an amazing kid (but Grammy isn’t prejudiced)! It’s wonderful that she recognizes the progress that Brooke has made and that she takes sisterly pride in Brooke’s “leaps and bounds”.

    Love you,

  4. Aidan told me last night that the police pulled over his van driver yesterday on the way to school, and 2 years ago he would have never told me that. I was very happy he did tell me, although the driver was a little suprised when I questioned him this morning, “It was nothing and Aidan was very attentive.” Yeah, I’m glad someone was “attentive” yesterday….. SMH (come on DOAM, you know this).

    • kimberly, it’s been a long, slow transition and has happened really, really gradually. (i just asked katie her thoughts and she couldn’t pinpoint an age either). we still have the screaming, but now it’s 10/90 instead of 90/10. 🙂

  5. Our son has been terrfied of dogs since one very minor moment 3 years ago (except he likes my moms bohemoth black dog- go figure) and we have to field alot of grief over this (his family members all own dogs). Holidays are a battle because we cannot go unless the dogs are put outside or not present at all! This gives me hope and comfort and hope again 🙂

    • i’m telling you, i NEVER would have believed we’d be here. and when i think back on the TERROR – my god, it’s incredible how far she’s come.

      it’s possible. i promise.

  6. I hope everything works out with the new member of your family! That’s all sooooo cool! I long for the day Cymbie can do more than just scream.

  7. I think it’s great that not only IS there progress, but that Katie sees the progress too. That shows a wonderful awareness and support. Those two girls are lucky to have each other. 🙂

    Fingers crossed for LPAH!

  8. I wanted to let you know that your experience with Winston inspired us to adopt a dog recently. My daughter is still a little reserved around her but she has started putting her foot down by the dog’s head to get a kiss. Her name is Harriet Potter, and she also had rough start in life but is an absolute angel with both my kids.
    I hope everything works out with Lucy.

  9. I find that siblings *see* the progress more than we do. How wonderful that the girls have each other.
    My son and our dog have quite a bond. He really loves that dog…and she tolerates him more than anyone else. Good luck with the new dog!

  10. as you know, we have a pug, and she is just the sweetest creature – I’ve heard wonderful things about puggles… good luck!!

  11. Sooooo TOTALLY COOL!!! Good luck, hope little Lucy finds herself a part of your beautiful family – that is going to be one lucky puppy!!!!

  12. That *is* wonderful!

    Funny, semi-related story. We have two dogs and they had beds with their names on them, because we thought it was cute. We quickly realized what a mistake that was because, well, dogs can’t read and they were constantly getting into the ‘wrong’ bed. This drove my wonderful, but excessively rigid autistic boy batshit-crazy. They now have brand new, identical beds with no names. My advice? Under no circumstances should you monogram dog beds. 🙂

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