In the car last night, I said, “You know what, guys? I think my favorite part of this whole day was when we were dancing in the parking lot on the way into Toys ‘R Us.”

Katie said, “Oh, that was awesome, Mama. I forgot about that. I think that was my favorite part too.”

She was quiet for a moment, then added, “That would make a great post, Mama. I think you should write about that.”

She looked at her sister, “Hey, Brooke, let’s tell Mama that it’s OK if she writes about that, OK?”

Brooke must have nodded her assent because Katie followed up with, “Mama, we both think you should make a post about it.”

As we parked the car moments later and stepped out into the cold evening air, I suggested a replay. And once again – for the second time in one day – we beat-boxed, strutted and danced our way down the street, head-back laughing and reveling in the freedom of being exactly who we are.

And I was overcome with joy.

And hope.

Diary’s FaceBook status, yesterday afternoon ~

I threw caution to the wind this morning and took the girls out for a girls-only day. As Katie beat-boxed on the way into Toys ‘R’ Us and Brooke and I skipped/danced/marched along to her beat, I had this thought. ‘Wait,’ I thought, ‘I recognize this woman. The one laughing and dancing her way through a parking lot. The one steeped in the joy of a random moment with her children.’ And I realized how long it had been since I’d seen her. And how good it was to have her back.


19 thoughts on “daybreak

  1. sweet moments with your sweet little ones…always nice when you get moments like this. thanks for sharing it with us, made my day.

  2. I loved the FB status and I love this post — so nice and deserved that you had those moments. I remember a long time ago being at a local amusement park on a church trip and literally SKIPPING with my daughter, her friend, and another mom …. just because we could. Fast forward to — she’s 15 now and the skipping is not happening (ha!) but it is a treasured memory.

    ps – I am on the Playbill email list and got an email today about the Godspell cast recording – I am sure you do not NEED to Godspell cast recording but it took a lot of discipline not to forward it to you – it just is almost automatic with me to think of you when I hear that play named. 🙂

  3. Most days, I am just so grateful for any “normal” moments. “Happy Normal” moments are the ones you need remember and share. Thanks!

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