Posted in February 2012

my perfect date

My perfect dinner date Later Wednesday night .. Katie is sitting across from me at the table, having coerced me to stay out for dinner after her visit to my office. It didn’t take much (coercion that is), but the coercion is part of the game. We both pretend that staying out for (fill in … Continue reading

one more person

– Over February break, Katie was begging to come into work with me. It just wasn’t feasible to bring her in for a full day, but we managed to come up with a compromise. Luau would bring both girls in for a visit toward the end of a day and then leave Katie with me … Continue reading


* In yesterday’s post, I made reference to an article that I read recently about a Sheriff in Cook County Illinois. The Sheriff, Tom Dart is threatening to sue state and local government officials. Why? Because, according to the article. “the county jail is so overwhelmed with people whose offenses are more attributable to mental … Continue reading

the covenant

A ministering angel shall my sister be. ~ William Shakespeare – Wednesday, early evening Katie and I are walking down Newbury Street, Boston’s somewhat provincial version of Fifth Avenue. As we pass the gorgeous old Church of the Covenant on the corner of Berkeley Street. Katie tugs at my arm. There is an elderly woman who … Continue reading

following the script

The other day, my friend Mom-NOS told me that her son Bud had had a rough go at school. His team had reported that he was severely dysregulated and that he had said some very concerning things during the day that were completely out of character for him. Bud and my Brooke are similar kids. … Continue reading

warning – insufferable bragging in 3,2,1 …

– Is there any chance you might be willing to indulge this Mama some unabashed bragging? Some completely immodest pride in her eldest girl? Pretty please? If not, I completely understand. It’s annoying. I get it. Just move on and I’ll see you tomorrow. No harm; no foul. But, you see, a friend sent me … Continue reading


– The little bag was hiding inside one of the many containers in her room. As she lined her figurines up across the floor, I picked it up to inspect it more closely. “Hmm, what’s this, Brooke?” I asked. “I don’t know,” she said. She hadn’t looked up. I brought the bag over and sat … Continue reading

when all else fails ..

Ed note: Thank you ALL so much for your love and support yesterday. The IEP meeting went very well. Now we await the official proposal and refinement process, but there were no surprises this time (thank God!) and we’ve got a wonderful team of people working together to support our girl. Knowing you were there … Continue reading

iep day

– Today is the day. Today we sit down – as a team – to talk about our baby girl. Today the team will, by necessity be largely focused on what she can’t do. Today, we will continue to remind them what she can do. Today we will set about establishing goals for the next … Continue reading


– I bumped into an old friend at the Autism Speaks event on Saturday night. She asked how the girls were doing. I told her about Katie getting ready to transition to middle school (Good Lord, when did that happen?) and heading off to sleep away camp for the first time this summer. But then I … Continue reading