warning – insufferable bragging in 3,2,1 …

Is there any chance you might be willing to indulge this Mama some unabashed bragging?

Some completely immodest pride in her eldest girl?

Pretty please?

If not, I completely understand. It’s annoying. I get it. Just move on and I’ll see you tomorrow. No harm; no foul.

But, you see, a friend sent me this photo yesterday. She is vacationing with her family in NYC and she and her girls took a trip to Bloomingdale’s. And while they were there, they saw an ad for Ralph Lauren Children. A really big ad. Like a poster. On the wall. In Bloomingdale’s. I know I already said that, but still.

And, well, it’s a picture of my kid.

And that makes me pretty damn proud.

But truthfully, that’s not really what I’m here to brag about. I mean it is, but not entirely.

See, as proud as I am that my kid is beautiful (yeah, I said it, sue me), what I’m most proud of is this …

Luau showed her the picture.

He was jumping out of his skin. He’s a proud papa, after all.

She looked up and said, “Cool.”

Then returned to what she was doing.

Because for her, It’s not about the pictures. Or where they end up.

It’s not about seeing herself.

Truthfully, she doesn’t really care much about that part.

For her, it’s all about the experience. The adventure. The trip. The time alone with Mama. The kinship with the other kids. The stylists. The photographers. The seamstresses. The crew. The puppies. (It’s Ralph Lauren; there’s always a puppy). The clothes. The accessories. The wranglers. The friends she gets to see again and again and the new ones she makes every. single. time.

It’s about being exactly who she is.

In any and every setting.

And who she is – according to her Mama – is absolutely beautiful.

From the inside out.

My girl

Ralph Lauren, Spring 2012

Ed note: for the back story on how on earth this happened, click HERE then HERE .

31 thoughts on “warning – insufferable bragging in 3,2,1 …

  1. As I said to her last night, “The most beautiful thing about you is that you are the most beautiful girl both inside and out”! She’s incredible and I am one proud Grammy!

    Love you,

  2. I was wondering what her impression of the pic display was and you are right, her thoughts about it are the best part. I used to hear this all the time growing up, kids are reflection of their parents, and I believe it, totally believe it. Nice going Jess and Luau!

  3. I love how you brag – you do it perfectly…..and ummmm when I actually scrolled down far enough to see the photo I think my heart stopped beating for a moment. Stunning!

  4. I can’t express how AWESOME it is that she just said “cool”. That girl’s got a good head on her shoulders and a beautiful soul. Oh, and she freekin GORGEOUS!!!
    You have every right to brag! I think any of us would.

  5. She is stunningly gorgeous, both of your girls are..I think that experience would have to be amazing…especially the one on one time with her Mama..thats what means the most 🙂

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