Posted in February 2012

all you need to know – redux

Since I desperately needed sleep this morning, I don’t have time to tell you any of the 346 stories that are rolling around in my head. Instead, I’m sharing an old favorite, originally posted in October of 2009. All You Need To Know *** I wonder ~ Do you know that I sneak into your … Continue reading

perfect perspective

– I snuck into Brooke’s room tonight when we got home from the Autism Speaks event. It was long after her bedtime so I was shocked to find her lying in bed wide awake. I told her I’d spent the evening with a whole bunch of moms and dads who also had kids with autism … Continue reading

one million strong

One million people One million people who care about autism One million people who are there for one another One million people who are there for our kids One million people who know what it means to walk in our shoes One million people who come together to find answers To share strength To create … Continue reading

pucks and puzzle pieces

– Many years ago, Luau came up with a really great analogy. Or wait, maybe it was a metaphor. Hmm. Well, he came up with this .. um .. idea – yeah, an idea – that was really pretty illuminating. I was frustrated. (Shocking, I know.) I’d been trying for months to get him on … Continue reading


“I am neither an optimist nor pessimist, but a possibilist.” – Max Lerner * * “Child has no discernible play skills.”   ~ Neuropsychologist #1 * * “She came to us with absolutely no functional play skills.” ~ Integrated preschool teacher * * “Child presents with a marked lack of joint attention. There is no attempt … Continue reading

an innocent question

– It was an innocent question. It arrived without fanfare – nestled quietly in a score of others asked by my dinner companion that evening. She was interested. She wanted to learn about autism – to figure out what it means to Brooke – to our family, to so many others. I did my best … Continue reading

blogging in twelve minutes or less

I have so much to tell you, damn it. But the clock reads 4:48 am and I have to be on a plane at 9 am, so let’s see, subtract the three, carry the one and that means, hmm, I have twelve minutes to write. Shoot, it’s already 4:49. Make that eleven minutes to write. … Continue reading