Diary of a Mom ~ Facebook 11:00am yesterday ~ Katie has a synchro skating competition today. Her skating dress – the one that all eight girls wear out on the ice TOGETHER because they are competing in SYNCHRO – is apparently at the dry cleaners. Damn, we’re awesome.


Diary of a Mom ~ Facebook 11:40 am yesterday ~ As if this day wasn’t already perfect, it just got even better —Dear Katie’s Teacher,

So, here’s a new (really old) one .. The dog actually ate my kid’s homework.

I don’t mean to be cavalier because poor Katie is absolutely crushed. I’m sorry to have to tell you that our recent rescue dog, Lucy managed to get hold of Katie and J’s project. The result, as you can see in the photo below, is pretty well disastrous.

Katie will speak to you about the options for rebuilding it. She’s very upset at the prospect of ‘failing the whole thing’. She called J to let him know and they discussed setting up a time to work on it together this week. They’re hoping to get an extension of time so that they can still hand it in.

Anyway, I hope you’re having a good weekend. Sorry to break into it with the old dog ate my homework story.




Diary of a Mom ~ Facebook 3:35pm yesterday ~ Brooke is going to a classmate’s birthday party this afternoon, so she’s not coming to see Katie skate. On our way out the door, I said goodbye and she answered, ‘Good luck at watching Katie’s competition, Mom’. I promised to do my very best watching. #GodILoveHer


Diary of a Mom ~ Facebook 4:20pm yesterday ~ Sitting at the ice rink, freezing my tush off while waiting to see my kiddo skate, daydreaming about what it would be like to have a kid who plays competitive beach volleyball. (And praying that Luau and Brooke are doing ok at the birthday party. #PrettyPlease,God?)


Diary of a Mom ~ Facebook 4:35pm yesterday ~ It’s a good thing that I haven’t heard from Luau yet right? The birthday party (a movie of all things) started an hour and a half ago. My heart is in my throat. #WishICouldBeInTwoPlacesAtOnce


The updates –

We got the dress. Luau did what he needed to do – shamelessly begged. A wonderful lady took mercy on us, got into her car and drove with him to the dry cleaner’s warehouse, where he was able to retrieve the dress. He then donned his Super Dad cape and flew home, saving the day.

Katie’s teacher wrote back a lovely e-mail assuring her that she would not ‘fail’ the assignment, that it had already been seen and even photographed at school and that there was no need to redo it. She added that she was just sorry that their hard work was gone. Upon receiving the e-mail, Katie exhaled.

Watching Katie compete brought me to tears. She has told me numerous times that she feels free on the ice. It couldn’t be more obvious to anyone watching that it is where she is meant to be. There’s a contentment, a joy, a peace on her face that I don’t see anywhere else. It’s breathtaking.

Last night she told me, “When I’m out on the ice, I’m really me.”

May we all find that place.

Katie, heading to Nationals

Her team was fabulous. So fabulous, in fact, that they won their event. And they even won these cool jackets that were only given to the – ahem – gold medalists. Nifty, huh?

As we were leaving the rink, I texted Luau. The suspense was killing me. I had to know how the party had gone. Movies are HARD for my girl. Really hard. For so many reasons. But she’d done it before. Only once, but it was at a birthday party too, so there was a precedent. We’d prepped her. A lot. We’d talked about the movie, shown her the previews, done what we could do to get her ready. But did she make it through?

The answer came. Bottom line, it took a few breaks, a little bribery positive reinforcement and a whole lot of help / prompting / support from Daddy, but she did it.

Now, many of you give me a hard time for not giving you tissue warnings. So here it is – grab a tissue.

As I hung up the phone after getting word from Luau that Brooke had made it through the movie, Katie asked what had happened. I told her that her sister had done it.

And the little girl who had just won a gold medal in a huge skating competition, the one who had in so doing just qualified for Nationals, the one who was still wearing that medal around her neck and grinning in her gold medal jacket said the following,

“That’s so awesome, Mama. So BOTH of us accomplished something pretty great today.”

Indeed, my little love, Indeed.

Brooke, last night.

(Self portrait)

26 thoughts on “accomplishment

  1. there an “s” missing in your post title Jess… a big fat S for the plural. šŸ™‚ Way to go… all 4 of you! What a day.

  2. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad the entire family could exhale! Kudos to Katie for the gold and for having a place where she can be herself, Luau for that begging/wheedling thing that got the costume out of hock, Brooke for handling the party, you for being you. šŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like yesterday all the practice, all that hard work, paid off for everyone. Hurrah–gold medals all around!

  4. It was fantastic being there to witness the accomplishments! You are one amazing family and all gold medalists to me. My Facebook entry: “I wouldn’t sit for hours and freeze for too many other people but this is really worth it”!

    Love you,
    Mom and very proud Grammy

  5. Remember what I always say, “Anything is possible”-Kevin Garnett. Now if the Celtic’s could have won yesterday, THAT would have been an accomplishment .

  6. Congratulations to BOTH your daughters. They are incredible. I hope, one day, I have the *privilege* of watching Katie on the ice; I imagine she is breathtaking.

  7. Congrats to BOTH your girls. I have yet to attempt a movie with Cymbie. Maybe some day. And I’m so happy to hear your Katie has an outlet, and a plave where she is truly free to be herself. Beautiful! xo

  8. this is so wonderful! I love that Katie found something that makes her feel like herself, where she is free—wonderful stuff right there. I am SO happy that Brooke made it through the movie/party! What an awesome day! Congrats all around!

  9. Sounds like the day was golden for both girls…and it is terrific that Katie could see how amazing Brooke’s day had been. She is wise beyond her years.

  10. What an awesome day…. Congrats to Katie on her gold medal. That must have been amazing to watch. And congrats to Brooke for making it through the movie ….so hard for her. Makes all the hard work we do just worth it some days! šŸ™‚

  11. What a fantastic post!! So happy for all 4 of you – what a great ending to your weekend posts. You guys rocked that weekend – no doubt about it #LongLiveTheFrozenTush

  12. Wowza on SO many fronts. All fronts! And to top off all the accomoplishment, I must say I just love Luau… he’s such an awesome, awesome Dad.

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