thanks for flying jet blue (the reprise)

From Thanks for Flying Jet Blue, Diary, April 1, 2010, the day after Brooke’s seventh birthday:

It must have been three years ago. Or maybe it was four. I think we were flying down to Florida, but I’m not entirely sure. You see, unlike my daughter, I forget details over time.

A passenger on our flight was celebrating his birthday. A flight attendant asked us all to join in singing Happy Birthday to him. Over the PA system, he led us in song,

Happy Birthday to you

Thanks for flying Jet Blue

We’re so glad to be here

To celebrate with you.

We all chuckled. And had we been anyone else’s family, that would most likely have been the end of the story. Just a cute moment that would have been long forgotten. But we’re not anyone else’s family. We’re Brooke’s family. So that wasn’t the end of the story; it was the beginning.

Brooke hates the Happy Birthday song. She’s reached a point where she can tolerate it (especially sung quietly), but it sure as heck wouldn’t make her top ten. But the Jet Blue song?




And so it was that yesterday morning, Luau, Katie and I tip-toed into Brooke’s balloon-filled bedroom and sang,

Happy Birthday to you

Thanks for flying Jet Blue

We’re so glad to be here

To celebrate with you.

And my brand, spanking new seven year-old beamed from ear to ear.


Friday night. Our den .. 


Brooke and her friends, buckled in and ready for take off.

I’m told the plane is headed for PBS Kids Land.

And as you can see from the sign, Jet Blue flies direct.

20 thoughts on “thanks for flying jet blue (the reprise)

  1. Daniel hated that song too. We finally figured out it was because he expected the Happy Birthday song to be sung like The Bear in the Big Blue House, happy happy happy birthday…a very very catchy version, but not the “norm” so he would scream and yell because we then figured out it wasn’t “right”. sigh. He also eventually got over it. Then at school some would add “cha cha’s” and eventually all the kids would let Daniel sing their “cha chas” in their song. It made him happy and it sort of became a tradition at school 🙂

  2. My daughter, who is just a year older than Brooke is exactly the same about the birthday song! She would cover her ears and run Screaming from the room! She can also tolerate it now but we don’t sing it for her birthday. We will have to try the Jet Blue song!

  3. Absence of pretend play? My ass. Love this.

    I also think Autism Speaks should hot foot it over to Jet Blue (do they really exist?) and encourage them to Fly the Autism blue banner for the month of April. I see all sorts of marketing synergies here!

  4. Happy Birthday to Brooke! You are not alone kiddo. My kids are no fan of that song either. We sing a different version for my oldest and for my youngest he has a completely different song from that, that we sign and sing.

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday!!! It’s amazing what things stick with them. Seriously, you guys should get some frequent flyer miles out of that or something.

  6. Happy Birthday Brooke! (Sorry I’m a day late) I have never heard the jet blue birthday song sung before (I usually fly Southwest) but I think I already like it more than the birthday song. In fact, I too really dislike the birthday song! Loved seeing the shout out on twitter too!

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