show and tell

I have so much I want to show you.

And tell you.

I want to show you the Tweet I got from Jet Blue yesterday that was a thousand kinds of awesome –




And I want to show you these kinda fabulous pictures that I took on a walk one recent afternoon when the girls asked to come with me on their scooters and even though the walk was supposed to be all about me donning my very own Oxygen Mask, I had this awesome realization that doing stuff for me doesn’t have to be with only me and then we had sort of the best time ever doing stuff like this .. (By the way, I highly recommend really long run-on sentences. They’re so damn liberating.)


Racers take your positions!


Oops, we “fell”


Oh dear, I “fell” some more


When scootering by a house that has a discarded commode on their lawn awaiting pick-up, one finds an outstanding photo op


I’m told this was dancing


But most of all, I want to tell you about how different Brooke is lately. Like really, really different. I want to tell you how her language is changing and shattering its containing walls and spilling up and out and over and rushing like water through the streets right before our eyes.

I want to tell you how she’s suddenly using colloquialisms like “No way” and replacing “Yes, you would” with “Sure.”

I want to tell you how she’s been with us. Like really, really BEEN WITH US so much more than she hasn’t lately. I don’t even know if that was English, but I know you get it. She’s BEEN there. Ya know?

It’s not the stuff that makes the Progress Reports. It’s not remotely measurable. It ain’t gonna show up in the data that they so diligently take at school.

No, this is more the stuff of late night conversation with Luau.

“You see it too, right? She’s just – different. Right? She’s just been so – engaged. Right?”

It’s the moments with her sister. Laughing. At the same time. At the same thing.

It’s the moments like yesterday when I say to her, “You don’t want ice cream do you?” and she says, “Actually, I do. You were making a joke.”

And it’s even the heart-breaking times like last night after said ice cream when she loses it. When she can’t tell us why she’s crying; she just is. But when she comes to me in the throes of the whipping, stinging, swirling emotion, wraps her arms around my neck, nuzzles her wet little face into my cheek and says, “I need you.”

It’s just different.

That’s what I really wanted to tell you.

BUT – don’t take my word for it. Click –> Β HEREΒ <– and come see for yourself.

36 thoughts on “show and tell

  1. I get it!! She is with it and with you! I get it. I love it when Braxton does those wonderful, amazing things and he knows it and he loves himself and us and he can say it and be there with us. When he comes and puts his arm around my shoulder and whispers “I love you” into my ear and I just can’t stop crying but if he never says it again I’ll always remember he did it once!!! I am so happy for Brooke and for you and your family. Keep sharing and giving us hope.

  2. That’s awesome. My son is 15 and I am seeing these changes and we are THRILLED. She is so young to be doing these things already. She really is going to be fine. I know it!

  3. Looks like you had a fun day! The video was great – it seems like little Brooke is really making the leap from ‘little kid’ to ‘big kid’ with grace – and that’s just wonderful. πŸ™‚

  4. I get it. I get the “sure” and how much it means. We’ve gotten the “sure” lately as well as “oops, that came out wrong,” which sounds so….everyday, so easy. I get it. It’s huge.

  5. I get it and I love that you get that we get it and say so which makes me feel even more like I get it and that I am in good company here in this community, when everyday people wouldn’t be able to share the joy of getting it in quite the same way. (My attempt at a run-on sentence.) I also get the sleeveless shirt with winter boots and a Halloween pumpkin. Holidays never go out of style! Many more present moments for everyone! They still catch me by surprise most of the time.

  6. There are just no words to describe the joy of hearing how Brooke is growing! Simply Amazing! Love, hugz, and much happiness!

  7. “I need you”… Does it get any better than that? I totally get that she’s BEEN there with you. And I am as happy for you as I am for sweet her. Love everything about this; the horizon looks very bright for you all today.

  8. Oh how I remember being in just the place you described with my own daughter. I teared up as I read this. The little milestones that mean so little to some are like mountains to us. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. The video is great. I’m seeing the same jumps forward with my daughter right now. It’s wonderful to see her playing with languge in new ways. I’ll be showing her this video tonight when I get home and hopefully we can make our own.

  10. So I have to tell you that I just watched Brooke’s video with Cullen and he was enthralled with her. He leaned over towards my phone and said ” I want her at my school, in my ____ ____ school (name of his school )! Can she be my friend?” That is a ridiculous amount of engaged language for him.
    I am so happy for you guys that she is so present lately. It’s a great feeling

  11. I can’t open the video, it won’t load on my tablet but I wanted to reiterate what Alyson said. MacKenzie always asks me about Brooke and one day she said “I would like to play with her”. I told it was too bad that you lived so far, lol. My baby will be turning 8 tomorrow and she has come so far. Maybe the autism helps us to really cherish those moments when they happen….

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