happy mother’s day

Happy Mother’s Day, my friends.

Before I ask you to click over to Huffington Post to find my Mother’s Day wishes, I’d like to say this –

I know that some of you dread this day.

I know that it is not easy for those who know the pain of losing their own mothers, or God-forbid the unfathomable grief of losing their child. I know that it can be tough for those for whom motherhood was not, for any number of reasons, to be. I know that it is not easy for those who still wait for their rebirth as a mother – who know that their angels are out there in the ether, waiting to fall not perhaps into their bodies but, just as powerfully into their arms, hearts and families. I know that it is not easy for those whose children can’t yet make cards or bring breakfast in bed, wish them a Happy Mother’s Day, nor perhaps even recognize the day as any different from the one preceding or following it. And I know it is not easy for those whose babies are in the military fighting a world away, drenched in the pride of their children’s service yet living every day with unspeakable fear for their safety.

To all of you – to each and every one of you – please know that you are not forgotten today. That we share in your grief, that we hold you in our hearts, that we join you in praying for your children’s safe delivery to or back to you. That we are grateful for the roles that you play in this team sport we call mothering – as teachers, mentors, pastors, friends. That we celebrate you today too. And that above all you are not alone.

Happy Mother’s Day to each and every one of you, with love, respect and gratitude.

Oh, and to the dads – yes, we love you too, but you’ll get your own day next month. Today’s about Mama, so start fixin’ that breakfast in bed and for the love of all things holy, don’t forget the coffee.

Please click HERE to read my Mother’s Day post on Huffington Post.




5 thoughts on “happy mother’s day

  1. Thank you, Jess…again, just thank you.
    I’m lucky to have a dog that knows how to gently lick tears with her huge Rottie tongue.

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