in summary

Oh my God.

I just lost this morning’s post, my friends.

All of it.



Into the ether.

Yes, I know. Save as you go.

Thank you, that’s helpful.

I didn’t.

I was too busy writing it to save it.

My bad.

I’ve tried everything to retrieve it, but it has fully and irrevocably disappeared into the black hole of the Interwebz.

I don’t have time to rewrite it.

I don’t even have time to write THIS.

But I have to.

Because I need you to know.

Miracles happen.

So here’s the summary of the lost post.

Two monumental events:

One public and political, far-reaching and life-changing for thousands.

One personal and close to home, life-changing for one (plus three).

One can be found HERE

The other here ..

Yeah, I’d written a LOT more about it.

But then it went poof.

So, here’s the short version.

Autism coverage for our military families was added as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act in the House yesterday, thanks to the dogged determination of a mom and her Congressman and a whole lot of other people like Karen Driscoll and Buck McKeon and Autism Votes, all of whom I’d carefully detailed in the lost post.

The bill goes onto the Senate next. It ain’t over, but this is HUGE.

So that was one – the big one with far-reaching implications for thousands.

But there was a second one too.

My girl helped cook dinner. The very child whose fear of the stove kept her paralyzed for months decided that the best way to conquer the thing she feared the most was to participate in it.

After months of learning to cook with her BCBA, conquering her fear baby step by baby step, she ASKED to help Luau cook dinner.


So there you have it. The highlight reel of what was a very long, very detailed, very emotional post.

Oh, and I’d wrapped it up with this, my favorite quote from another mom.

“We must pray for miracles, work like crazy for miracles, expect and demand miracles, and for goodness sake, we must see them for what they are when they happen.”

So yeah, post lost. Progress won. Miracles Happen.

The end.

29 thoughts on “in summary

  1. Recovery happens, in small incremental ways each and every day!! So happy for all of you and yes miracles~woohoo!!!
    Now in keeping with the spirit of things, miracles that is, Go C’s!!

  2. My jaw literally dropped when I saw that pic of Brooke. Al those baby steps turned into a quantum leap! That is amazing, awesome, wonderful….I could go on and on. ANd I’m happy our military families are finally going to get the coverage they deserve. That is huge….now if we could only get ABA for all the other kids who need it so desperately, like mine. I know though, one step at a time…and thank God this battle is pretty much as good as one, for those who fight so hard for us every damn day.

  3. Two events, while seemingly so different, are really the same: Incredible hard work, persistence, and the belief that our kids can do so much when given the right tools to get them there. That picture gives me hope for my child. The legislation gives me hope for the thousands of military families. You never know what can happen when you believe.

  4. Both are simply amazing…both prove that hard work and determination CAN help make miracles happen. My heart is smiling this morning.

  5. Saw the great news last night and am praying the Senate follows suit.

    This picture makes my heart leap with joy! Your family has some of the bravest hearts I have ever experienced.

    I hope you get some well deserved, much needed rest this weekend, Jess.

  6. Congratulations to Brooke for conquering her fear. And thanks to you for giving me hope. My boy won’t even enter the kitchen when I have my apron on.

  7. fantastic! the military families and Brooke. Sometimes showing them how to take control of their fears is the best way. They are less concerned about THEMSELVES making the very bad thing happen, (because they haven’t set off the smoke alarm and YOU have) so it is ok then. Does that make sense? It does in my head, but I can’t get it clearly to words! lol Go Brooke.

  8. The photo was all you needed. It literally took my breath away. News on both fronts wondervantabulous! Hope always begats hope. Thanks for the hope, once again.

  9. um…what?!?! that is amazing! they are so strong, sometimes. when i see my son face something that had previously been a little overwhelming, i’m in awe. just like i’m in awe of that photo. spectacular!!! now i need to scroll up and see the latest news regarding military kids. i was so excited at the photo, i skipped the rest of the post. 😛

  10. “So yeah, post lost. Progress won. Miracles Happen.”

    Understatement is powerful. : )

    Here’s to the work, and worry, and expertise, and belief that made it all happen.


  11. Ditto akbutler. HOORAY!
    C.S. Lewis wrote, “Miracles are a retelling in small letters the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”
    We see.

  12. Wow. What a wonderful way to end this week. Like others, I was just stunned at the photo. Way to go, Brooke.

  13. AWESOME….go Brooke! So cool for her to take control of a fear rhat way! What an amazing accomplishment for all of you. And so fantastic for the military families! That whole mess was just disgusting in this country.

  14. That is amazing!!!!! The picture of Brooke cooking actually made me tear up!! YES, YES, YES, MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!!! yayyyyyyyy!!!!

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  16. Congratulations to Brooke you did it!! And Congrats for the bill that is long overdue, but I will take it!

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