we’ve got you


We walk into the restaurant and take a seat. It’s just the three of us – me, Katie and Brooke. Luau is out on a 20 mile run.

Brooke hates eating breakfast out, but after the smoke alarm incident on Saturday morning, the thought of a restaurant is apparently less terrifying than Mama going anywhere near the stove.

As we sit down, Brooke lets out an involuntary yelp.

Katie looks at her, her face warm and gentle.

“What is it, Brooke? Are you OK?”

Her sister’s answer is rote.

“I don’t knooooooow!”

Her voice is strained and tight.

Katie pats the table in front of her.

“It’s OK, Brooke. There won’t be any noises and nothing here can hurt you. I promise. We’ve got you, OK?”

Katie glances at me quickly, sees her mama welling up – AGAIN – and rolls her eyes.

It’s OK.

Someday she’ll know why.



13 thoughts on “we’ve got you

  1. What makes us more proud than our kids showing the world their beautiful selves, full of caring and compassion? When they show that it begins at home.

    This was the perfect companion piece to yesterday’s post.


  2. I love it! The relationship between them is so amazing- they are lucky to have one another πŸ™‚ A quick thought- have you ever looked into smoke alarms for the deaf? My understanding is that they have alarms that flash lights and vibrate your beds. Just wondering if that would be less scary for Brooke.

  3. SHE IS AMAZING,.both of your girls are…but for Katie to be so sensitive and supportiveof her sister at such a young age is awesome! My almost 3 yr old is already looking after his 5 1/2 hr old sister…she has huge oral sensory issues…Always chewing on things she shouldn’t….and he will tell her “no Kaity…don’t put that in your mouth! ” The relationship I see building is so cool!

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