the inficial big sister


Happy Monday, friends. The girls and I were away this weekend. Well, so was Luau, but he was away somewhere else, so well, yeah. Anyway, being away, I missed wishing all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day. To those who know that being a Dad means far, far more than being a father, I hope you felt the love.

I don’t have time to write an actual post this morning, but I can’t bear to keep this to myself, so I’m going to have to let the pictures speak for themselves. I kinda think they speak volumes more than I could write anyway.

This weekend, we met my sister’s beautiful newborn son. Technically, she’s my step-sister, but we’ve never been much for technicalities me and her. She is as close to blood as humanly possible and I adore her. And she made me an Aunt, so how about that?

Brooke couldn’t wait to meet the baby. She was going to do Peek-A-Boo, This Little Piggy, and Ugly Pear Lop Ala Kazool. Oh, and read him stories. And she did. Especially the stories. Lots and lots of stories.

At three weeks old, he didn’t seem to notice much, but nor did he mind. He also didn’t mind that no one could convince his big cousin that she is not his inficial (nope, not a misspelling) big sister. He is her cousin, but she is his inficial big sister. Good enough.

So before I end up late to work, here they are.

Katie looking WAY too grown-up for my taste



Ok, you ready for this?

Like really, really ready for this?


Here goes ..

I have no words for this.

Nor this.


Guess it’s good I don’t have time to write. I can’t imagine what I could possibly say.

29 thoughts on “the inficial big sister

  1. It was incredible to witness and see all of our grandchildren together. Those are all of my words, as well.

    Love you,

  2. Well, now THIS is something wonderful, heartwarming, and too-profound-for-words to wake up to!! Awesome! Congratulations on being an aunt – I love being an aunt. I agree that Katie is growing up super-fast (and I know the mixed feelings that brings, trust me). And apparently inificiality brings with it a lot of love so I think MerriamWebster needs to get with it and make it official. 🙂

  3. Oh.My. That last picture undid me. “They” say that love is universal. “They” are clearly right. Just beautiful, beautiful expressions of deep and visceral love.

  4. I mean this in the best way possible, the legs on Katie-like when did THAT happen. Get a gun sista, and a big one!
    Beautiful pics all in all:)

    • meredith, it was really amazing. he did, a little bit – at only three weeks, it’s still more fussing sounds than full-lung crying, thankfully, but he did make some crying noises. brooke’s reaction was the same every time. she said, ‘oh, dear, please don’t cry, jude.’ it was very obviously a script from something, but not one that any of us could identify. i was ridiculously proud of her for handling it as well as she did.

  5. It is the peace in Brooke’s face that undid me. The love, and the sweet, relaxed peace. Congratulations to the cousins for having each other, and to you Auntie, for having them all.

  6. Wow….those took my breath away! so beautiful…the big girl cousins loving their new baby cousin! Congrats again on being an Aunt…it is so fun! We have a new 4 week old cousin too…and my girl isn’t sure about him just yet…she looks and says ” baby”…. But that’s it for now. We will see…..

  7. Both girls so naturally maternal….and in their own unique ways. After a craptastic morning, these pictures turned on my heart light.

  8. You (and your girls and your nephew) seem to have left us all without the “right” words. The last one…calmed ME…so content, peaceful, exactly where she is meant to be. ❤

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