Since the Huff Post piece went up so late last night, I’m going to let it stand as today’s post. Which also lets me off the hook cause I’m sick. 🙂

There were apparently some problems accessing the link from mobile devices. It seems that you need the Huffington Post app to view it, which is annoying, but doesn’t cost anything and takes just a second to load. Once I uploaded it onto my phone, I was able to search my name (Jess Wilson) and find it.

Unfortunately, it seems that even if you find it that way, you still can’t access the comments on the mobile app, which is even more annoying. But hey, at least you can read it.

Here’s the full link – maybe that will help somehow –


The post is called Words Matter.

As a consolation for all the fuss, how about a couple more pictures of the girls with their new baby cousin, Jude? These were taken by their Grandpa DD, who as you can see by the gorgeous photos just happens to be a professional photographer. Now ain’t that handy?

And don’t worry; I promise to stop with the pictures.

Ya know, eventually.

Katie holding Jude for the first time while her sister shows him how to play peek-a-boo

The inficial big sister



Photo Credits: David Land, Terrabyte Studios

Please see copyright information in the sidebar – or to put it another way, please keep your mitts off my pics. 🙂

7 thoughts on “untitled

  1. It was a great post and thanks for the nod to Grandpa DD! I don’t think you have to stop with the pictures!

    Love you,

  2. Please don’t stop with the pictures! The first thing I saw this morning on Facebook was a gorgeous photo of my great-neice, and after the night I had cute baby/toddler/animal pictures are just what I need 🙂

    That’s a brilliant article you wrote.

  3. Hey, Jess. I read the Huff post last night. I thanked you on your Facebook page for continuing to educate us. When we began this journey a few months ago, I would try to explain to people the shock value of such a “paradigm shift.” I have always, always known that something was there…but I could never find the common denominator. My oldest ASD child tried to give me a better description the other day. “Mom, you have new eyes. You can see the invisible now.” That was it, in a nutshell. But, seeing the invisible is just a tiny part of the journey. As I started researching, I was dismayed by the overwhelming nature of the negative press and the polarized community. It felt like TOO MUCH on top of the grief I was already experiencing on a personal level. I was already beaten and bloody and had no need to walk onto a bigger battlefield. Your blog has given me more sets of “new eyes.” It has increased my understanding on all levels…from the deeply raw and personal, to the divisions within the community, to the over-arching issues with the laws of our nation. It has taken time to acclimate myself to these new eyes, but I am getting there. I have been inspired to make a difference where I can. We live in a rural, largely poverty-striken region of the country. There are no support groups here, no specialists, no resources…we happen to live in the one local school system that works above and beyond with special needs children, but I have been told that it is the rare exception. So, we are creating a network of our own…a support group, a place for ASD socialization, a source of information, a place to gather to take action. Our network is in its infancy, and I have NO IDEA where it will go. And, I just want you to know that the pebbles you drop in the pond continue to ripple outward. You are touching people who have never read your blog…affecting lives in a positive way. Thank you for that.

  4. I was able to read it, but when I linked from FACEBOOK it needed me to give permission to the app, blah blah blah. But only, I think, because it was a direct link from facebook. Stupid Facebook.

    Who convinced me to sign up for that site anyway??

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