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My post today is over at the Huffington Post. Since we had so much fun at the pool together yesterday, I figured we might at well head back there again. I hope you won’t mind joining me on a short trip ..


April, 2011 .. The girls and I are on vacation in Florida. 


Brooke is on her third trip back to our table from the restaurant’s tiny toy room. A pattern has emerged. She carries a giraffe figurine in one hand and two puzzle pieces in the other. The puzzle pieces fit together — a small giraffe and a bigger one. “Look, Mom,” she says as she sets the three objects down on the table. “It’s a family.”

She will do this three more times. A cow family, a rhino family and a pig family will all grace the table in due time. She will herald each one’s arrival with the same sentence, delivered with the EXACT same intonation each time — “Look, Mom. It’s a family.”

Each and every time I will beam with pride and marvel at the wonder of my child.


Later that morning, we are at the pool. Brooke is diving for the butterfly sinkers that I bought for her when we arrived here. “Mom, watch this,” she says. When she hears me say that I’m watching, she dives first for the pink one, Isla; then the yellow one, Ruby. Once together, they will look for Tophie, the orange one. The routine never changes.

I sit next to another mom by the side of the pool. Her son is 3, as he happily tells anyone within earshot. He’s edible — all boy — a dense, round-tummied bundle of raw energy stuffed into a floatie. He jumps off the ledge again and again. “Mom, watch me!” he says. “Are you watching me, Mom? Mom, I’m gonna make a HUGE splash this time. Watch, Mom! Are you watching?”

She smiles at me. I smile back. Her son climbs out of the pool and immediately crouches down to jump again. “Mom, did you see that one? It was HUGE! OK, look, Mom! Don’t stop looking!”

In the water nearby, Brooke, Isla and Ruby are getting ready to find Tophie. “Mom, watch this,” she says. I tell her I’m watching and she disappears into the water.

Please click HERE to read the rest of the post over at HuffPost.

One thought on “mom, watch this! on huffpo

  1. This post made me cry the first time you published it, and again today. It is especially poignant when your neurotypical high school seniors are leaving for college. The days are long but the years go by too fast.

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