packed and ready


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Three weeks of shopping, running (sometimes literally) from store to store, countless Zappos boxes arriving in a steady stream at the door, and one last-minute panicked trip to EMS before they closed last night et voila! The kid is packed and ready to go.

Well, she’s packed at least. The ready to go part is proving to be kinda like the weather here in New England. It changes every ten minutes. Last night we ran the gamut – from gleefully dancing around the house while listening to camp songs online “Ya know, Mama, to get in the mood” to tearing up while dramatically asking, “Why would I think this was a good idea?”

I told her why. I hugged her. I reminded her why it really was such a good idea. And then I pulled the ripcord and walked away because I’d begun to teeter on the edge of tearing up while dramatically asking, “Why would I think this was a good idea?”

My emotions about today need to stay with me. She’s got enough to manage with her own.

After bedtime, I had to do something. I considered a few different options. Crying alone in my room while poring over baby pictures seemed like a great plan – if I wanted to dive head first into the rabbit hole. Wine was far more tempting in concept than execution. Begging her not to leave seemed .. um .. wrong. So I came up with this …

I gathered a bunch of these ..

One for every day of her first week at camp .

A reminder to be herself, because there’s nothing in this world better to be.

The saying that she carried with her to school every day this year .

Fart humor. Always a winner.

Ah, the duck song. Still funny.

Oh, like you would have known what to do with the lantern?

Symbolism NOT lost on me …

Mushy = weepy. Keeping it light and happy …

OK, maybe just a *little* mushy. I gotta be me ..

And off they go, snuck into her trunk – drenched in love and tied together with her Mama’s fervent prayer that camp is everything that she hopes it can be – and so richly deserves.


Why would I think this was a good idea?

I kid, I kid.


19 thoughts on “packed and ready

  1. She will treasure those…and my guess is one day you’ll fine them tucked among her most precious belongings. Thinking of you all today…

  2. She’s going to have a great time. You will miss her terribly. She will be so proud of herself when she comes home. I totally get this. You’re such a good mom for letting her go and letting her spread her wings. Hang in there!

  3. I ran to the store yesterday to buy 7 cards and sent the first one out! This seems to be a family trait! Katie will be fine and so will you. Just keep those magical notes coming!
    Love you,

  4. People have told me it gets easier. I don’t know that I believe them, but I hope they are right. lol

    Those notes were awesome and she will treasure those and you forever.

  5. Perfect! What I wouldn’t have given for even one of those notes when I was at camp. I pray that these weeks will fly and that all goes well at home and at camp.

  6. What a great gift of love for her to take on her trip! She’s going to have so much fun and yet know you are only a letter away!!

  7. Oh, what a most special, loving, and genrous gift you have given to her. I have a feeling those notes will be treasured and put in a most special and sacred place.

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