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upside, 2008

. . . Care to join me on a walk down memory lane? . The following posts were written back to back in June of 2008. Brooke was five, and our lives were very, very different. * June 5, 2008 ~ . * . We were at the playground above the soccer field again last … Continue reading


~ Two guys at work are chatting before the start of a meeting. “Oh, no way; I didn’t know you had a Golden. We’re this close to getting one.” “Oh, you absolutely should. They’re great dogs. I’m happy to give you our breeder’s name.” “Oh, no need, we’ve got one. I’m telling you, we’re right … Continue reading

than most people ever see

credit Photo Malaya ~ Brooke is leaning over the side of the pool. Her arms are draped up and over the wall and spread lengthwise before her. Periodically, she scoops a handful of water and pours it out onto the concrete. After watching her for a while, I sidle up next to her. I sit … Continue reading

it’s not you it’s me

~ Dear Lady In The Bookstore, I have something that I need to say to you. This isn’t going to be easy and I’m likely to stumble a bit. But I owe it to you to say this. And more importantly, I owe it to my daughter. So I hope you’ll bear with me. I’m sorry. … Continue reading

when the stars burst

A completely gratuitous shot of my girls from a really long time ago just because * ~ Tuesday, July 10th ~ Dinner’s wrapping up. Well, mostly. Brooke has apparently decided that she’s done. We know this because she’s done the fake burp which she now uses to convey the fact. Unexpected, perhaps, but pretty damned … Continue reading

a solid not failure

~ So I was going to tell you about how we went to the movies the other day, but I don’t have very much time so you’re going to have to bear with me through a run on sentence kinda post in which punctuation is merely an afterthought. Ready? Here we go .. I wanted … Continue reading

fighting for those who fight for us

~ Once again, Jess has graciously handed over the mic so that I can do some shouting. Well, not actually shouting or ranting this time, but rather to thank Jess and all of you for your support over this last year. So much has happened. We held a Congressional briefing in January to educate people … Continue reading

one day, two letters, and one very, very proud mama

~ Ever since pre-school, Luau and I have insisted on – and participated in – a LOT of communication with Brooke’s school team. The centerpiece of said communication has always included a school-to-home and home-to-school log book. Each and every afternoon, she comes home with a full report on her day and each and every … Continue reading

high tide

Hoist up sail while gale doth last, Tide and wind stay no man’s pleasure. ~ Robert Southwell A single breaker may recede; but the tide is coming in. ~ Thomas Babington Macaulay * I am hanging onto this moment with everything I have. I know it won’t last – this gilded unicorn – this moment … Continue reading

person first

* “…One thing bugged me and I don’t see how it still happens especially in this tight knit community. This is referring to a person with autism as autistic (I.e. my autistic daughter/son/brother/etc.). One big step we could all make as a whole is to utilize person first language a person with …(insert any disability)… … Continue reading