old sturbridge village – a day in pictures


First, there was this ..

Then there was this …

And then there was this ..

I’m not sure why you can’t see the rain in the picture, but trust me on RAIN.

And then there was this …

And then I said, “Hey, Luau, smile!” and he did this ..

And then said he was gonna start calling me, “Lucy.”

But then there was this …

And then I got to say, “Oh, yeah, well, how bout them apples, Ricky?”

But I didn’t, ’cause I was too busy taking pictures of the girls doing this …

If you ever need your plastic cow milked, you know who to call.

And this …

Katie declared the entryway a time machine since we went in in 2012 and would emerge in 1840. I’d have to agree. Mostly.

But she was ready …

They had Nike flip-flops in the mid-nineteenth century, didn’t they?

One we were inside the village, there were all kinds of incredible things to see. Not a single one of which was of more interest to Brooke than peeling sticks.

Good thing there were a lot of sticks.

And a boat.

And a stagecoach!

There’s really nothing in this picture to indicate that we are in a stagecoach is there?

How about this ..

The driver watering the horses. I know, still no actual proof of real live stagecoachness. Sometimes you just have to have faith, friends.

Oh, and then there were these guys …

Which led to this unfortunate moment …

I’m sorry, PETA.

But in between peeling sticks and traumatizing chickens, we learned some stuff. Like this …

That’s a campaign ball. That’s how candidates for the presidency would advertise their platforms. It’s Twitter, 1840 style. Nifty, right?

And we learned that back then, the word ‘church’ did not mean the place, but the congregation. The people were the church; the building was the meeting house. You’re welcome.

Oh and we learned this too ..

Although women couldn’t vote, serve in the militia or sit on a jury, they could drink three years before men. Which made perfect sense to me as women mature faster than men. And to Luau, who said, “Well, of course, the men wanted to get the ladies liquored up.” Please see – ‘Women mature faster than men.’

Oooh, and then there was this, which was one of my favorite moments of the day. It was hot as Hades and we were inside the copper’s house. It was the only place all day in which Brooke was willing to hang out for a while. Not because she could give a hoot about barrels, but because A) we were the only ones in there and B) it made for a really nice escape from the oppressive heat. Especially here, where Brooke found a delicious breeze through the window …

My little ballerina

Incidentally, this was the view through the window ..

I know, right?

Brooke was pretty well fried by this time in the day, so she and I began to make our way back to the time machine while Katie and Luau checked out a few more things of interest. While they learned about cool stuff, Brooke and I did very important things.

Like this …

I swear I told her not to do that. Ya know, right after I took the picture.

I am now out of time, so we are going to have to pretend that A) the day ended here or B) that this is a logical place to stop. While neither is true, I really have to get to work.

So there you have it, my friends. A day with the Wilsons at Old Sturbridge Village.

Oh, wait. One more. Because I can’t leave you without showing you Brooke’s sour lemon face. Trust me, this is not something you want to live without.



21 thoughts on “old sturbridge village – a day in pictures

  1. I’d say you were more than lucky that everything went so smoothly and the weather held up for you all.

    Also, peeling sticks is awesome.

  2. I used to live just down the street from Old Sturbridge Village! Boy do I miss that environment! By the way, my face looks the same as Luau’s while driving on the Mass Pike! Driving in the rain on it isn’t fun but you should try driving on it in a blizzard!! Talk about entertainment!!!!

  3. Ladies and Gentleman: you are hilarious and wow, if you dont find a way to make the best out of everything 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing your family with us Jess, especially in photos. It makes the rest of your stories come to life.

    Your Mom mentioned “magic” in her comment. My Facebook update yesterday was “birthday magic”. I hope I can post a photo here (seems I can’t from my phone). Picture two beaming blond kids, side by side (so much wrapped up in side by side I can express it) and both looking. Pure magic.

  5. oh my gosh i miss you so much. wish we lived closer and i hope to see you soon. really loving that you share this with us.

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