evolution of a secret – continued


From June, 2010 …


About a year ago, Brooke told me that she was going to tell me a secret. I bent down and leaned in close. She put her cheek next to mine. I waited.

I eventually asked if she had something to tell me. She said, ‘Yes, a secret.’ So I waited some more.

And then she walked away.


About six months ago, Brooke told me that she was going to tell me a secret. I bent down and leaned in close. I cupped my hands around my ear and told her to say the secret into my hands.

She put her ear on them too. And we both waited.

Just like that. Ear to ear.


Last week, Brooke told Katie that she was going to tell her a secret. She leaned in close, put her ear on top of Katie’s ear and said to the space in front of both of them, ‘I love you.’



This morning, Brooke said, ‘I’m going to tell you a secret’.

I bent down and leaned in close. She cupped her hands over my ear. I said, ‘Now put your mouth on your hands and say the secret INTO my ear so that I’ll hear it.’

She whispered.

(right into my ear!)

‘Dad would tell me if I like shosojas.’

No idea what that means.

Don’t know what shosojas are.

Don’t care.

It was





p.s. Don’t tell.


Last night, we celebrated my birthday. Throughout the evening, Katie would periodically whisper into her sister’s ear.

Cause they had plans.

Secret plans.

Just between them.


Just a little secret between sisters.

Ya know …

No big deal.


26 thoughts on “evolution of a secret – continued

  1. That’s beautiful!! Once again, the things that seem small, and many people just take for granted, are NOT small, and never taken for granted by ASD families! I LOVE this. Just awesome!

  2. I always love Brooke’s use of “would” in her sentences (“You would do this or that…”), but I can’t explain why. It’s like she’s leaving everything a little tentative and flexible and free. 🙂

    • my son does the exact same thing and i love it. i homeschool him so i am always having to correct his behavior. i can’t seem to get myself to correct that one. i find it endearing and disarming, probably for the reason you just mentioned.

  3. Happy Birthday to you! And it’s clearly no secret you had a great one!! Love this post and it is truly an evolution, one of many! Wishing that all your birthday wishes come true!!

  4. was that a year ago already? geesh. one of my favorite posts. i shared it with so many people in my family. both of your girls are incredibly lucky to have each other. siblings are such a blessing. (99.9% of the time, anyway :P)

  5. What a wonderful birthday gift! sharing a secret- to some a meaningless exchange- to us its a miracle years and years in the making. Truly amazing.

  6. I love the picture too! I missed this post the first time around going back to catch up but Happy Birthday even if it is belated. My David has a word that mean everybody to him it’s goiys I think it must be his blend of boys and girls I never correct him on it because it makes sense, if only it would catch on then everybody would know what he means.

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