Posted in August 2012

evolution of a secret – continued

* From June, 2010 … ** About a year ago, Brooke told me that she was going to tell me a secret. I bent down and leaned in close. She put her cheek next to mine. I waited. I eventually asked if she had something to tell me. She said, ‘Yes, a secret.’ So I … Continue reading

out loud

~ It’s bedtime. Brooke and I lie side by side on her bed. Daddy and Katie are gone, having already performed their roles in the elaborate evening dance. The fish tank gurgles its soothing lullaby. The sparkly lava lamp throws its soft light into the room – pink, then purple, then blue, then green. Brooke is … Continue reading

sum of the parts

~ My entire life, it’s been a source of embarrassment. When I was a kid, I would make up stories to explain. I’d pretend I’d fallen off my bike – skinned my knees and landed on my elbows. I’d say it was a ‘gymnastics thing’ – ya know, from the bars. I’d bandage my knees … Continue reading


~ Last night was hard. For a lot of reasons. But after an evening of reasons, one nearly broke me. I read the story of Paul Corby. According to Strollerderby, Paul “has Left Ventricular Noncompaction, a rare, congenital disorder in which part of the heart muscle appears spongy, or “non-compacted.” The heart is less able … Continue reading

who we are

~ Yesterday’s post obviously hit a lot of nerves. I sincerely apologize to those who felt belittled or dismissed by my words. You have a point. A significant one in fact. And as I said last night, I am grateful to those who took the time to respectfully educate me. In many ways, I hate … Continue reading

the only label that fits

I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page last night, then decided that I wanted it to live here. I hope you’ll forgive me for reposting it, but I think it bears repeating. ~ With all the talk today about language – about avoiding broad generalizations like high and low functioning to (largely inaccurately) categorize … Continue reading

pretty pyramids

* Last week, I read the beginnings of an online conversation in the comments on Mama Be Good’s post Good Trouble. The conversation took place between a parent of an autistic child and an autistic self advocate. One had used the terms ‘high-functioning’ and ‘low-functioning’ and the other had taken issue with the language and … Continue reading

rallying cry

~ ~ I have found that this need not be – can not be – an all or none proposition for me or my daughter. That there are indeed parts of autism that can be celebrated. That there are challenges that can be reframed over time – that may well manifest themselves as gifts in … Continue reading


~ My girl will undoubtedly face ignorance as she steps further into the world. When she does, I want her armed with an impenetrable wall of self-esteem. Of belief that just as there are serious challenges in her autism, there are also gifts – her incredible memory, her uncanny ability to repeat what she’s heard … Continue reading