My post today is over at the Huffington Post. I’d be grateful if you’d leave your comments there (I know the site can be a little quirky on comments, so thank you for persisting!) and if you’d share it.

But before I send you on your way, I would like to add one thing.

The HuffPost article is about love. More specifically, it is about the fact that loving a child unconditionally does not, to my mind, constitute bravery; it is simply what we sign up for as parents.

However …

After reading, re-reading and slowly processing a couple of very thoughtful comments on the post, I realize that it does a disservice to those who stand up publicly for their children’s rights to live their individual truths – to be celebrated for who they are in their totality – in the face of still-pervasive bigotry and discrimination. I did not mean to make light of the commitment that it takes to take to publicly choose love and compassion – online or in one’s community – and to in so doing to bear the brunt of ignorance and hatred that can make it so hard to simply do what’s right in this world.

I applaud each and every one of you who have publicly taken up the mantle of support for your children — and for ALL of our children. Thank you.




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