takin care of mama


Diary’s Facebook Status on Tuesday night


And …

A revised version of it this morning ..

I have made some really poor decisions over the past couple of days. I also, however, have made some extraordinarily good ones. The best of the good ones so far today? Turning off the Wake Up To Write Alarm and resetting it into a Wake Up For Work Alarm an hour later. Cause I love you people, but this week has been too much. Far, far too much. And I really, really needed sleep. So today, Mama’s takin’ care of Mama. #OxygenMask

Need some help finding your own Oxygen Mask?

Look for inspiration HERE.

Happy Friday, friends.


14 thoughts on “takin care of mama

  1. Seriously, your sleep is more important! Press Snooze a couple more times – I discovered that if I press mine a couple of times at once, it adds 10 minutes for each press, so I have slept for an extra 30 minutes – worth it.

  2. Hear, hear…..well done. If we could just add that 25th hour to the day, and dedicated it to sleep, it would help in so many ways.

  3. Good for you! You will be missed, but appreciated all the more on your return. I hope that hour gave you a little extra oxygen.

  4. And taking care of Mama means posting at 5AM? My idea of taking care of Mama would be more like breakfast in bed no earlier than 8:00. Have a nice weekend.

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