Posted in October 2012

happy squeal

* June, 2006 Brooke is three. I don’t understand why we’re here. We’ve got to be in the wrong place. I know I asked for help, but an autism specialist? This makes no sense. My baby can talk, so it can’t be autism — right? For God sake, someone say Right. The word took the … Continue reading

c’est gagne

~ The following is a totally un-hurricane-related post, meant solely for the purpose of idle distraction. My heart and prayers are with those in the storm’s path. So far, we still have power, but the winds are strong and those around us are losing it as I type, so I’m not sure for how much … Continue reading

what we did

~ ~ The back story … By The Grace of God First thing first, Luau spoke with the director of the center. To her credit, she called him first thing in the morning. She was as apologetic as the therapist who had written to me the night before. She assured him that she is drafting a … Continue reading

by the grace of god

* I don’t know where to start. I’ve stared at the blinking cursor for ten minutes now and I still don’t know how to tell this story. So I’m going to do what I tell others to do when they tell me that they don’t know where to begin. I’m going to start in the … Continue reading


      ~     … and the camel’s buried in a big straw stack.

lost notes and the bake sale hits the road

~ Warning: It’s a run on sentence kinda day. Carry on. ~ So, let’s just say that at your kiddo’s last team meeting, you brought your laptop, thinking you were all smarty pants cause you could take notes right on the computer and then send them to yourself and then pretty them up and send … Continue reading

a little tooth fairy magic

~ So as you may remember, we had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last week. You may also remember that said visit caught Mommy and Daddy unawares as we had no idea that there was a loose tooth in our midst. But Brooke was convinced that the Tooth Fairy would come through with some magic. And … Continue reading

for tuck

~ It was my great privilege to accompany Katie as she presented the following to Brianna and Mary at Boston Children’s Hospital last night. (Click on the letter to enlarge it.) * As we were leaving the hospital, I told my girl that I was proud of her. That she’d done something really incredible. She … Continue reading

the tooth fairy

~ We didn’t even know she had a loose tooth. Not a word about it. Had it been her older sister, we’d have been talking of nothing else for days, but no, that’s not the way it works. She’d said nothing until dinner last night, when I asked about her day. “I lost my tooth!” … Continue reading