for tuck


It was my great privilege to accompany Katie as she presented the following to Brianna and Mary at Boston Children’s Hospital last night. (Click on the letter to enlarge it.)


As we were leaving the hospital, I told my girl that I was proud of her. That she’d done something really incredible. She answered, “Thanks, Mama. I do feel proud. And I’m proud of Tuck too.”

I choked back tears.

“Aw,” I said, “that’s really nice, baby.”

“I didn’t say it to be nice,” she said. There was an edge in her voice. This was important.

“I know, honey,” I said. “But it is. It’s very sweet of you to say that.”

“Mama,” she said, “I don’t want it to be sweet. I just want it to be, okay?”

And so it simply was.

And is.

For Tuck.


Thank you – each and every one of you – for participating and / or otherwise supporting this effort. It means the world to us. And thank you for waiting patiently for your cookies, brownies and bracelets while we attempt to wrangle all the moving parts and get organized. We hope to start making deliveries next week. 

12 thoughts on “for tuck

  1. I agree ….. Tucker will live on in a million games played and a million moments when kids can put behind their illness and escape for a few minutes while playing on the Wii. Awesome job, Team Katie/Diary.

  2. You and Katie did (and will continue to do) an amazing job! Tuck will live in all of our hearts and will enable the children in ICU to have joy in their lives. You’ve honored Tuck and that’s huge.

    Love you,

  3. I echo what Paula said. This is a gift that will impact so many, just as Tuck did.
    As for Katie, she’s one incredible young woman. That took strength to go with you. She’s learned so much from her mama.

  4. The size of your daughters heart grows and grows! What a beautiful gift, both to the ICU and all that know her! Gives me hope for the future of our kids, knowing people like Katie are in the world! xox

  5. What a tremendous effort! I continue to find it awe inspiring that an 11 year old girl is so selfless and generous. Because of her, so many children will have their burden lessened while they can “just be” a typical kid for a while, playing a game with friends on the Wii.

  6. Dear Katie

    Remember the boy who was mean to you last month? He was so wrong, and you prove it every day. A heart like yours will trump a mouth like his any day. You and Tuck have inspired my son (who is 9 and has Asperger’s) to raise money for our local children’s hospital, which we do tomorrow. Thank you for being you.

  7. Dear Katie,
    We, too, made a trip this week to a children’s hosptial to make a donation. My daughter, who is also in middle school, has Aspergers and Anxiety Disorder. She also has a really, really hard time with being bullied. She experienced something pretty awful last Friday, so she has been home with me for a week, trying to recover. Because we have been trying to keep her busy and distracted, we decided to do something positive in the midst of the negative. Both of my daughers are Girl Scouts. This year, our troop decided to use a portion of their profits from their Cookie Sales to donate to a local children’s hospital. Just a couple of weekends ago, we took all the girls to a store, and each girl had the opportunity to select “just the right toys” for the children in the hospital. Because my daughter is the oldest Girl Scout in our blended troop, the troop leaders asked her to deliver our gifts. You may not believe this, but the very day YOU visited the hospital with your mom, my daugher made the same journey with me. As I am sure you experienced, there is something very special that happens when you enter a children’s hosptial. You feel the love in air. It is colorful and bright, and the staff greets you with smiles. (My daughter was immediately intrigued by the paw prints on the floor and the butterflies on the ceiling.) The Child Life Specialists were busy helping children when we arrived, but the nurse who helped us was overwhelmed with emotion. We were not expecting that. She literally wept with appreciation, and my Aspie daughter, startled by the visible emotion, was concerned. Her thought process led her to ask if there were no toys already for the children…she wondered if we should do more. So, I, too, am incredibly proud. I am proud of you, Katie. I am proud of your mom. I am proud of MY children, who always want to help when they see a need. I am proud of the children who fight such valiant battles at the hospital. I am proud of their parents who support their children during the battles for life itself. And, I am proud of the people who choose to work with children who are hospitalized. I am honored to know you and your mom, even if only by an electronic connection. You are a beautiful and amazing young woman.
    Much love, Lisa and Faith

  8. Thank you Katie for showing us what one person can do to change the world. I’m quite sure that Tuck would be glowing with pride at his honorary sister right now.

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