a little tooth fairy magic


So as you may remember, we had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last week. You may also remember that said visit caught Mommy and Daddy unawares as we had no idea that there was a loose tooth in our midst. But Brooke was convinced that the Tooth Fairy would come through with some magic. And who were we to let her down?

So Mama the Tooth Fairy raided the Christmas stash and came up with something pretty special.

And here’s how it all went down.


Looking under the pillow …


Finding the note from the Tooth Fairy



Dear Brooke,

Your present is on the dresser in front of the fish tank. I hope you like it!


The Tooth Fairy



Um, I think she likes it.


Yup, it came down to breakfast with her.


Hey, Katie, can I take a picture of you too?

Guess not.


Thank you, Tooth Fairy!

Bake sale pics coming soon …


13 thoughts on “a little tooth fairy magic

  1. thats sooooo awesome. My son has lost a couple of teeth but has no concept of the tooth fairy…or santa …or the easter bunny :(. Love your stories. Some day I will be in that place.

  2. The tooth fairy skipped our house completely. Probably because I am convinced that Jim swallowed every tooth he lost. EIther that or they disappeared into a black hole of teeth.

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