the best %$#&ing autism advocacy speech ever


So let’s just say that I have this friend. And said friend is an autism mom. And sort of an all around bad ass. Ya know, in a good way.

And let’s say that said friend is very well-respected in her local political circles. And let’s just say that word of said friend’s passionate yet level-headed advocacy made it all the way to the capitol of her very large Midwestern state. And let’s just say that because of said passionate yet level-headed advocacy, she was asked to speak to a fairly large group of power players in that capitol. And let’s say that said power players ranged from business and civic leaders to pretty dang high-level politicians.

So let’s just say that said friend came to me to ask for some advice on the speech that she was readying for said group. And let’s just say that I read her e-mail while waiting to go into a team meeting at Brooke’s school and that when I read it, sitting there on a bench in the entryway of said school, I laughed so loudly that I sort of made a scene and had to explain to, Oh my God of all people, Brooke’s SOCIAL SKILLS therapist why I was laughing so hard.

But let’s just say that what my friend had written for my consideration was THIS …

Good afternoon. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to talk to you today about autism. Let me tell you, it’s a real motherf$&#er some days.

Here’s what we need. Somebody to f$&#ing help us. We need a lot of f$&#ing money to get some sh!t done. Our kids need f$&#ing insurance, we need Special Ed directors who give a f$&# about our kids, we need a f$&#ing place for them to live in adulthood, and we need your help finding them a f$&#ing place to work.

Because they are f$&#ing awesome and they deserve all that life can f$&#ing offer. So could we stop f$&#ing around and take care of this? Like f$&#ing now?

It’s been f$&#ing awesome speaking with you today.


And let’s just say I really f$&#ing love my friends.

32 thoughts on “the best %$#&ing autism advocacy speech ever

  1. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall if that exact speech ever got to be delivered!! I always observe (complain) to my kids that they don’t seem to listen to me until I lose-my-mind and yell inappropriate words! 😉 Wouldn’t it just be THE BEST thing to deliver a speech like this to Congress, with the aforementioned explanation, of course?? “Members of Congress, seeing as how you are as difficult to work with as my own children, I figure the best way to communicate my message today is to talk to you as I would them in times of crisis and urgent need… [insert delightful speech here].” Wouldn’t that be a hoot?? Ahhhh, one can always dream….

  2. F*&k yeah! Actually, when my son’s blended case manager told me what the school psychologist suggested about our son’s summer care, I almost said: Are you f*#cking kidding me!?

  3. Sometimes, like children, it would nice to have no filter, lol. Thanks for the laugh, the other side of the coin, is that this is soooo true.

    • I have. And it’s absolutely wonderful. However, my views on Ann Coulter and how I choose to react (or more accurately NOT react) to her calculated outrageousness cum bids for attention are pretty well summed up by my husband’s post yesterday. And he said I was right in it, so it’s totally worth reading. Lol

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