c’est gagne


The following is a totally un-hurricane-related post, meant solely for the purpose of idle distraction. My heart and prayers are with those in the storm’s path. So far, we still have power, but the winds are strong and those around us are losing it as I type, so I’m not sure for how much longer we’ll be able to boast that particular luxury. As I told Katie this morning when she was worried about damage, it’s not the things that matter, but the people we love. Be safe, my friends.


It started with this ..

Which she simply HAD to have.

And an idea.

That since she simply HAD to have it, perhaps we could use it as a first-ever long-term reward.

So we gave it a shot.

And it wasn’t easy, but she did what she had to do.

So then there was this ..

And I really couldn’t deny that she’d earned it. So then there was this ..

So then we went home to watch it, and it looked like this ..

And sounded like this ..

Because, ya know, English is so five minutes ago.

And then once she was done watching it, my daughter (ya know, the one who is autistic and therefore doesn’t have any interest in nor ability to engage in pretend play*) did this, COMPLETELY on her own …

Need a closer shot? Those would be the rings she’s hanging on the ceiling ..

And this ..

Because CLEARLY no one could be expected to do gymnastics without a pink mat. And yes, I know you’re jealous of the oh-so-stylish industrial carpeting in my basement. Don’t hate.

And then it was time for the ribbon routine ..

The ribbon?

I mentioned that she did this COMPLETELY on her own right?

I know.

And then it was Rebecca’s turn.

Aren’t you lovin’ the 80’s headwear?

Sing with me ..

Let’s get physical, physical, I wanna get physical ..

Oh, and apparently while all of this was happening, Hailey got a time out.

I’m told she tried to lift up the trampoline.

I’ve never really trusted that doll. I always thought she looked a little shifty.

Eventually she was let out on good behavior.

And even allowed to use the trampoline.

*Sure is a shame that autistic children have no capacity for pretend play, ain’t it?

Yep, sure is.

16 thoughts on “c’est gagne

    • More Spanish than French (enough Spanish that she actually conversed with our Mexican waiter almost exclusively in it last night, even answering his questions) but yes, she does now have some French. At least enough to answer back to Dora. She’s a sponge. 😉

  1. She is one awesome little girl – thanks for sharing this smile, and the success.

    Did B work on pretend play with her therapists? Just curious. Both my kiddos have had pretend play programs in their ABA and it has worked wonders for their very different challenges (my son was very literal – cars couldn’t fly, he couldn’t be anyone but Fraser etc; and my daughter was collector and line-em-upper). Both now do wonderful, fun pretend play.

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