Posted in October 2012

least restrictive environment

* Talking about LRE is kinda like playing that game with Chinese fortune cookies. Instead of adding ‘in bed’ to the end of every fortune, you add ‘that works for my kid’ to the end of every sentence. ~ Me to another autism mom yesterday while discussing the Least Restrictive Environment clause of IDEA ~ … Continue reading

where grace lives

* I put that up on Diary’s Facebook page yesterday. Why? Because I needed to hear it. And I figured that I likely wasn’t the only one who did. The response that I got to it, both on the page and privately, made it awfully clear that I was right. On Friday night, Katie and … Continue reading

right here

~ My mom’s 70th birthday party, yesterday  (Happy Birthday, Mom) . The house is full of people. Brooke is managing, but it hasn’t been easy. She’s found quiet corners to which to escape with her iPad — at the bottom of the stairs, on the floor in front of an unused door, on the beds … Continue reading

remembering to believe

Ed note: I asked Luau to read the following before I hit publish. He had two comments: 1) People who don’t know you might find the first part a little self-indulgent and 2) You’re getting kinda religious in your old age. I decided I was fine with both.  ~ Yesterday, I couldn’t write. I just … Continue reading

for today

* Friends, I just don’t have it in me today. I have a wonderful story to share, but it’s just not today’s story, ya know? Anyway, I couldn’t leave you with nothing, so I’m going to share some posts that I’ve read in the last week that have either made me think, laugh, or cry … Continue reading

play it sweet in heaven

* Do not judge a song by its duration Nor by the number of its notes Judge it by the way it touches and lifts the soul Sometimes those unfinished are among the most beautiful… And when something has enriched your life And when it’s melody lingers on in your heart. Is it unfinished? Or … Continue reading

end game

* The big, bold headline in USA Today read, Experimental Drug Gives Hope For Rare Disease, Autism. The sub-heading read Doctors Hope Abaclofen Will Also Improve Socialization Skills In People With Autism. It went on to describe the success of STX209, or Arbaclofen, in early trials with a small number of patients with Fragile X. The … Continue reading

all good

** ~ Diary’s Facebook status, Saturday afternoon *** It started with this .. Mama said no. Which might have come out sounding a little bit like “Over my dead body, child.” … Then there was this .. Mama said, “What’s that, love? I’m not familiar with dip dye.” Which might have come out sounding a … Continue reading


* The other day, I got a comment on a post from a reader who identified herself as a young adult with Autism. She told me that she could relate to the post and shared a touching story in return. At the end of her comment she said, “I have a feeling if we lived … Continue reading


* * Many of you have asked for “tissue warnings” on my more emotional posts. This, my friends, is not one of those. Well, unless you’re a happy crier, like me. If you are, then consider yourself warned. Oh, and one other thing. It’s long. I’m sorry about that. I tried to make it shorter, … Continue reading