Posted in November 2012

the hearing

~ C-Span’s Coverage Of Yesterday’s Congressional Hearing On The Federal Response To The Rising Rates Of Autism . “It’s an ethical mistake whenever we sacrifice the possible in the name of the probable. As national nonprofits, like government so far, we too have failed to lead. Our centrists have frequently been too hesitant, but more … Continue reading

cracking the window

~ I talked with a dear friend yesterday. She’s what my grandfather would have called a high-powered businesswoman. She has a big job with a big title. And another big job with an even bigger title – Mom. I told her about the clothes. I needed to vent and I knew she’d get it. She’d … Continue reading

i love being my own autistic self

~ * So I’ve had a bit of a problem. You see, my friend, Landon Bryce, the author of ThAutcast and its wildly popular accompanying Facebook page, wrote a little book. I call it ‘little’ only because it’s short – and a very quick read. But believe me when I tell you, that it’s actually … Continue reading

the nutcracker – a day in pictures

. Ed note: I apologize profusely for the state of these pictures. Some were taken on my fancy schmancy camera, some were taken on my not so fancy phone. Some are in focus, some well, not so much. Some I had a chance to crop, a couple I even managed to Instagramize (shut up, it’s a … Continue reading

an embarrassment of riches – again

  This is my gratitude post. I wrote it in 2008. I reposted it in 2011. This year, I’m red-penciling it a bit. But only in a couple of places where it needs to be reflective of evolution. One technological, one personal. You’ll see. And then I’m adding a couple. Because there is always more … Continue reading

nothing about us without us

. Ed note: Yesterday, I sent the following letter to Autism Speaks Co-Founder Suzanne Wright, President Liz Feld and three others. I added the links this morning for your reference.  ~ Dear Suzanne, Liz, et al, I hope this finds you all well. I was thrilled to read yesterday that the House Oversight and Government … Continue reading

scott lentine

Things look different from the inside out ~ If you’ve been reading autism blogs lately, you may have bumped into the work of Scott Lentine. Scott describes himself as follows: I am Scott Lentine, a 25 year old man with high-functioning autism (PDD-NOS/Asperger’s) from Billerica and summer resident of Fieldston Beach, Marshfield. I graduated from … Continue reading

c’mon vamanos

~ She was working on it for nearly a week. She would shuttle us all out of the den and take out her supplies – scads of paper, a freshly sharpened pencil and Dora Scrabble. The game, she explained, had pictures of all of the characters on its board. I asked her if she wanted … Continue reading

one click to create community

~ My friend, Alysia’s son Howie ~ You may remember me telling you – or at least telling you that I wanted to tell you – about my friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the SenseAbility Gym   in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Alysia and her partner, Tina, both autism mamas, have been working around the clock to make … Continue reading