halloween 2012

From last year’s Halloween post

Halloween is tied for Christmas for the highest holiday chez Diary. Why? Because my girls love to dress up. And because one of them REALLY, REALLY loves to dress up. And because they love to Trick-or-Treat. And one of them REALLY, REALLY loves to Trick-or-Treat. And would ALL YEAR LONG if we’d let her. And because there’s something – well, lots of things really – really appealing about the ritual. It’s the same every time.

Ring doorbell

Shout “Trick or Treat!”

Take candy.

Shout, “Thank you!”

Shout, “Happy Halloween!”

Be part of a group of kids all doing the same thing.

Trick or Treating is a script. My girl gets scripts. Scripts are her thing.

From 2010’s Halloween post:

As I’ve said in Halloween posts of years past, All Hallows Eve is the highest of holidays chez Brooke. It is the one day of the year for which we spend the other three hundred and sixty-four preparing. It is the one day that my girl’s all time favorite activities are socially acceptable.

It is the day she can roam around the world in costume. The day she can ring any doorbell she pleases. The day that she gets to say the same thing over and over (and over) again and it’s not only OK, it’s expected. The day that the interactions are blissfully short and no one that she encounters looks for prolonged conversation. The day that she can drag her feet through EVERY crunchy leaf she encounters and no one tells her to pick up the pace. For heaven’s sake it’s the day that grown-ups give her candy.

In short, it is the day that she can be herself in all her absolutely fabulous Brooke-ness and no one looks askance.

From 2009’s Halloween post:

The one blessed day a year that my littlest girl’s absolute favorite pastime is actually socially acceptable. The day upon which we can FINALLY walk through the neighborhood in costume. The day upon which we are ALLOWED to ring every doorbell we see. The day upon which we can shout “TRICK OR TREAT!” and not get funny looks because it’s August. The day upon which my youngest daughter has better social skills than half the kids around her because she is so well practiced that she NEVER forgets to say, “Thank you! Happy Halloween!” even if it sounds EXACTLY the same each and every time. The day upon which Katie gets to show off all her creative glory and walk around in a box. The day that she gets Oohs! and Ahhs! at every single door. The day that my kids are happy doing the same thing, at the same time, together.

You getting this now?

This day is MADE for my kid.

Kids. Make that kids.

One for all the traditional reasons and one, well, for all those reasons up there ^^^.

This year, for the first time ever, I caved into Katie’s pleas and agreed to dress up. Sort of. She said my costume was lame. At least a thousand times. And I’ll admit that next to Luau’s, it looks like I pretty much mailed mine in. But guess who was sweating and tripping over tree branches all night and then guess who in her lame, mailed-in costume wasn’t. #winning.

So here it is, my friends. Halloween chez Diary.

First the practice run on All Hallows Eve Eve. Note Lucy trying to get in on the action. Poor dear has no idea just how in on the action she’s going to be.

And there you have it. The Griswalds er Wilsons. I really can’t believe that we’ve become these people. I swear to God, I was cool once.

Now, I know that Lucy’s costume is a bit off script. But you have to remember that as much as we adore Sesame Street, we have another, even stronger allegiance around here. And we ain’t afraid to mix our shows. Heck, we’ll even mix networks. I know, crazy.

I give you …

Perro Perro Perro the Explorer! She’s a super cool exploradora!

Oh calm down, she was fine.

And yes, we left Winston out, but don’t go feeling sorry for him. He had his chance a couple of years ago.

And you didn’t hear this from me, but he was kind of an ass about the whole thing.

Oh, wait, did you see the girls’ treat bags?

My awesome, amazing, seriously talented friend Kimmerie made these upon the girls’ requests. Mostly because she heard my plan to make them out of paper bags and construction paper and she said, “Um, no.”

She’s a costumer. She doesn’t do paper bags and construction paper.

Hold on. Let’s get a close up on these ..

Get it? It’s Dorothy, Elmo’s goldfish. This was EXACTLY Katie’s vision and she was THRILLED. Yes, she had a vision for her treat bag. What?

And here was Brooke’s, which was also precisely what she wanted …

Yup, it’s Big Birds’s teddy bear Radar. Is that not the coolest treat bag you’ve ever seen? It was even fuzzy!

I know, Kimmerie rocks.

And out they went, treat bags and scripts at the ready ..

To do what they do best.

I hope that in whatever way you chose to celebrate (or not celebrate), that you had a good night last night. Many communities around us postponed Trick or Treating due to clean up efforts and continued power outages following the storm. I can only imagine the havoc that must have played on our kids in those communities. Our thoughts remain with those dealing with the aftermath of Sandy.

Please remember that there is help if you need it. AutismCares is actively seeking families affected by autism who are victims of Hurricane Sandy and invites those families to call the Autism Response Team at 1-888-Autism2 (288-4762), En Español at 888-772-9050, or email autismcares@autismspeaks.org to receive assistance. Families may also register directly at www.autismcares.org. Please pass the info on to anyone who might need help. 

26 thoughts on “halloween 2012

  1. We wished we could have been there again! This looked like you all had amazing fun! Happiest Halloween to each and everyone out there!

    Love you,

  2. Love it! They I mean you all look great! Halloween is my boys favorite too. He dressed up as a mad scientist complete with rubber gloves and carried a skeleton head with its brain showing which he named Chuck and at every house he said the same thing,”Trick or Treat give me something good to eat or else you will end up line Chick here!” and every house laughed at his joke and beamed every time as if it was the first time he ever said it! So yup I get it. Oh and by the way we took our dog out too who was dressed as a TBird because Grace was a Pink Lady!!!

  3. The costumes were great. Katie was so right about the sparkly red shoes. he has a good eye. And the treat bags were so perfect that I almost cried.
    I wore Hogwarts robes to pick up my daughter at school, because she asked. She won’t trick or treat though. She even played in her room while her Aspy brother enjoyed handing out candy at our house.

    • The holiday ain’t for everybody – as long as they do what makes them comfortable, it’s all good. And Katie would have LOVED the Hogwarts robe. Huge Potter fan 😉

      • Yep, I don’t pressure her to trick or treat, though she did dress up for a Halloween Party at the local high school. The high school clubs each man a classroom where they have a simple game or story or maze and the costumed kids can trick or treat that way. She is comfortable in that environment, so she doesn’t totally miss out on a costume and candy. She was a magician this year (with a stuffed rabbit that she would pull out of her hat). And, I am such a HP geek that it was not a hardship wearing my robes. 😉

  4. My daughter picked that same Big Bird costume! Adorable. Of course, we haven’t gotten to use it yet because Halloween has been postponed due to Sandy.

      • They were. Ryan does not care about Halloween. He participates, but doesn’t eat any candy and quickly gets bored. Riley lives for it, but since the whole town is in the same boat, she was OK. A week off of school is pretty good consolation I guess. Besides, this is the second year in a row — the freak Halloween snowstorm postponed it last year.

  5. 1) did you make these amazing costumes 2) I would’ve done Cookie Monster too and eaten a LOT of cookies & 3) what’s the plan for next year…since I am guessing that was the topic over breakfast?

  6. I love it!! My son is perplexed as to why the dog is Dora. He’s all “but that is a dog, mom.”

    Anyway, it is great that your family got to celebrate!! My son, for the first time ever, chose a costume idea, wore it, and used those handy scripts appropriately. Our Halloween was pretty dang awesome, too.

  7. Our Halloween is one of those postponed… But looking at your happy family has renewed my anticipation for ths holiday. Happy Halloween!

  8. You have not lost your cool! This is very cool. I LOVE Oscar. So awesome. Love the fish bowl and Teddy bags. Love it all. Hope cookie monster got some chocolate. 🙂

  9. Laughing OUT LOUD over here about the dogs – you are hysterical. Thanks for sharing these photos – I think you guys look FAB. I look forward so much to the annual Halloween post and once again you did not disappoint 🙂

  10. Wonderful pictures as always. Our dog chewed off her costume in under 5 mins so we do not rate as high on the coolness scale.

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