In case you missed it over the weekend, I made my very first Someecard.

The inspiration for it came to me right around 5:13 Sunday morning when little Miss was crawling over my head on her way into our bed while stage-whispering, “YA GOTTA PAY THE TOLL! YA GOTTA PAY THE TOLL!”

Luau, half-awake, mumbled, “What’s the toll, Brooke?”

And she answered, “The iPad!”

And then and there, my very first Someecard was born.

Good times.

13 thoughts on “GFYDST

  1. It is like you just read my mind. I think we might finally adjust to the time change when it is time to spring forward πŸ˜‰

  2. After 2.30 am start on Sunday then 4…5…finally made it to 6am luckily it was half term here in England…loved your card, I held it aloft and flapped it in salute to all the ones who understand x

  3. I love reading your posts/blog. I don’t comment much but I have to say your ‘adventures’ bring back some uncomfortable memories.
    I have been a single mom since my son was dx at 2, hubby said he didn’t make ‘broken’ children and took off- never to be heard from again.
    It’s hard for me sometimes to remember how far my son has come- he’s 13 now. I think I may have blocked out this kind of stuff. But when you write, it brings it all back.
    I am grateful everyday for the progress we have made, and I know not all children can or will make that kind of progress, but I do want everyone to know there IS hope. They can progress, and the therapies they get are absolutely amazing!
    And I won’t lie- awesome, understanding and sometimes annoying sibs help so much!

    • Oh my God. I am so sorry. No one should ever have to live through that. I think I’m most sorry for your ex-husband, who has to go through life being the @sshole who never knew what he missed. xo

  4. I’m sorry for all the parents and kids who had (have) a hard time with time changes. I’m counting my blessings for sure and sending you all well wishes. For us it’s barely a hiccup.

  5. Fall back is better for us than spring forward, however, Hunter was definitely upset when he saw me changing the time on his clock (Mom is messing with the space/time continuum!!).. I did the rest of the clocks in the house very fast before he left his room, hoping to go unnoticed.

  6. great article! your link, from article to your blog, does not work. it takes you over to huffington post. just wanted you to know so you can direct these readers to your blog, as i’m sure it is getting a lot of reads.

    love to you & your family!!!

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